OOC Item Renaming Event this weekend!

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OOC Item Renaming Event this weekend!

Post by Austere » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:26 am

We are holding another OOC Item Renaming event this weekend. Staff will send out a message when they are available throughout the day and night, to transform your mundane gear into something unique to enhance your role play. You are encouraged to come prepared with the designs you wish, though staff will work with you if needed.

1. Any item can be renamed (RP items, weapons, armor)
2. The material of an item cannot change and will be added if missing.
3. Structural integrity must remain. You cannot change a whip into a sword for example.
4. Descriptions will not be added, but may be modified if one already exists on an item.
5. Pockets cannot be added.
6. Items need to be formatted as ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE MATERIAL NAME at 60 characters max.
7. Staff has final approval on all items, no needles of doom for instance.
8. Each player may rename 3 items per character, 2 characters per person at no cost.

We will set up shop in the OOCCC and broadcast a message when one of us is available. To get to the OOCCC from the Academy, head north from the Crossroads to Northern Intersection, then east and north just before the healer's door. From Pearl, head north from Pearl Center until you see a side street to the east.

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