Summer Report

An informative "state of the union" style report on the current and future status of Shattered Isles. New announcements from the creators will also be listed here, such as updates and new area openings.
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Summer Report

Post by Snaek » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:47 pm

I just finished with a reboot to switch us over for double uses and discovered we had been online for 45 straight days without interruption. Given the server issues we faced back in the spring, this was a welcome sight. After looking over the server log before performing the reboot, I also noticed very little in the way of bugs or hiccups and only one attempted Russian attack. Clearly our efforts to provide a secure gaming experience are starting to pay off. High five!

Oh, wait...there's no one there.

Things have been slow this summer, even more so than the usual summer lag as everyone goes outside or on vacation. The inactivity has been tough on staff and player alike as all of us with a vested interested in Shattered Isles want nothing more than to see this world come to life again. I can't help but feel bad for our players who continue to log in daily. You've been with us for a long time and I'm so happy you continue to call SI home and I want to find you some new friends, but it's not a problem I can solve overnight. That does not mean we have stopped working towards that end however. The entire crew, including Austere, Saphira, Mainyu, Valse, Birian, Riptide, and myself never stop thinking about this world and the things we still want to accomplish with it. That isn't necessarily a comforting thought if you are playing now and want to see results, but we are in this for the long haul and have to stay focused to that end.

With that said, we have been doing some work behind the scenes. Our website is still undergoing an update to populate it with all the appropriate lore and information needed so it can properly support the game and new players. We've dealt with, I believe, all the dead links and have been addressing inconsistencies between the different pages. That's an ongoing process that will continue through the end of the year. We've also been addressing holes in the help files so that the information there matches what we are adding to the website, but that is a massive project. Even with the thorough attention we've given help files over the years, there's still a lot that is missing and more that needs to be corrected. Thanks everyone who continues to send us those typos and bug reports. We compile those and tackle them in bulk several times a year and happen to be in the middle of another run.

We're also dealing with some issues regarding the forums and have temporarily deactivated new account registration. Meddlesome Russians are relentless in their attempt to access our forums and either post inappropriate and potentially harmful material, or flat out try to crack our database. Neither have been successful but it's become far more time consuming a task than we ever imagined. Every new account attempt goes to our [email protected] email and it's gotten so frequent lately that we can't always spot the genuine accounts or emails coming in from players. We are looking into additional options currently that hopefully won't require a full forums upgrade to achieve. Last time we attempted that it did not transition well at all and we ended up switching back.

At the beginning of the month we finished up work on the boat system and that has been so much more than we expected. We have officially switched all active boats over to this new system and forever closed the door on one of our oldest bugs that was capable of causing major damage. I'm extremely excited about the potential this new system offers. We've already added more crossing events and encounters and have so much more in development. Perhaps most importantly to me, I logged in after the reboot and didn't have to go boat to boat making sure they weren't docking at the wrong stop. They are 100% automated now and never get lost at sea. Those are the kinds of victories I like. The Rum Runner is currently the only multi stop boat that runs but it was insanely easy for us to set up with this new system and we'll be able to add this to merchant ships in the future that travel to multiple isles. The carriage system will be upgraded next and will expand to multiple stops, finally making it worth using. Experienced players can still get there faster walking or flying, but a newbie will be able to venture out and explore more without having to know the way. There's even the possibility of fast-traveling carriages with this system, but that would come later and likely with a steep travel cost.

I know for updates everyone wants to see dragons, combat, and class skills, but that isn't always the priority we get to tackle. We spend more time addressing securing issues than we do actual game issues, and have always struggled to find the right balance between expansion and supporting the player base. We ultimately always have to step back because more players means more activity and more issues being discovered that need attention. I believe the game is at a point where it should be able to support itself, but obviously the numbers do not reflect that. So for now we will continue to plug away towards our overall goals and keep you informed of the process as we go. This has been a bit of a gap in updates and I do apologize for that. I've had very little time to get in game and deal with any assists but I expect that to improve in the fall and winter as it has in previous years. As soon as the rain starts you'll see more Snaek in your life!

Double uses are currently running now until the end of the summer (9/21). There will be a RP discussion on the 13th of September as we get back into the swing of things. I encourage everyone to come out and chat with us. There will not be a specific topic, just a need to reunite and discuss the good times and where we are heading next. You will also be seeing a flood of cosplay pics across the social media outlets as Snaek and Austere are once again heading to DragonCon next week. That always has a way of getting us hyped about new ideas to implement into the game.

Thank you to those who continue to log in and send us feedback. Thank you to the patrons over at that help keep the lights on! I am amazed at your support each month and feel a lot of pressure to show you new work so you feel rewarded. And thanks to those that still vote, still post, and still discuss the game with others. We are very much the tortoise in the race but we will get there. I think anyone who has invested any length of time into this game knows of its potential. Each day we get a little closer to that reality.

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