Praises for all!

Comment on the latest changes, State of the Isles addresses, game suggestions, or anything else you'd like to share with the creators and designers of Shattered Isles!
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Praises for all!

Post by Snaek » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:09 pm

Some of you expressed interest in seeing some of the praises sent in. I've pulled some gems from the list for your viewing pleasure. The character names of those who submitted the praise have been intentionally left out. These are just some of the nearly 900 praises that have been submitted about the game, its staff, and most importantly its players.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to show their appreciation!
  • HOLY CRAP! There is a GET ALL command!?! O.o
  • Xercien for being a gargoyle and sitting on the merchant tower rooftop.
  • i really enjoyed the new characture creation. the little sack of goodies and other things was awesome
  • Just read the post that you read my bug reports and I wanted to say thanks...I'm sure you guys have your hands full and I try my best to not bring things up unless they seem like pretty major issues.
  • I LOVE how vials disappear after drinking them. Great idea!!
  • Austere for making me wake up Grand Theft Auto style outside the jail after being busted.
  • I like the weather effects a lot! Snowflakes falling on me is cool beans
  • I am not sure what this really does but I want to praise Seren Nikolas and Faran. Fun times
  • I love how you can't accidentally sell things you're wearing.
  • Thanks to the staff for helping me find the peddle tonight! Very attentive and nice :)
  • who knows how long since I last logged in, but the gaoler showed up to release me from jail soon as I did
  • Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for all the work you've put in on this game. It's so much fun... thanks
  • thank you guys for updating on christmas! this game has an awesome staff!
  • i love you feral red wolf and your howling ways
  • nice job on the room descriptions in Revenswood. I admit I dont always read them as caefully as I should but since I am speclating I have taken the time and they add nice atmosphere
  • Wren for taking off armor to reach inside vest pocket for cigarette case when nobody was around to see it.
  • We were going to execute a player today, but he couldn't hang around for it.
  • The staff did a great job with the execution. I love how interactive everyone is!
  • 3 different taverns being used for RP at the same time.
  • players who take the time to add an avatar to their forum profile. They inspired me to make one.
  • nice touch with the poison ivy!
  • When I first broke a hole in the wall, it was quite empty, but since news of it spread, tehre are now miners and prospectors all over the place. Friendly, up until you mine out something they want... I even had to hose one of them down.
  • Grek for using the worthless chipped bolinau tooth RP. Perhaps the first one not to end up in the garbage.
  • I love being able to sneak both while hidden and while visible. Great idea!
  • I like that crafting skills have been put under their own list command, instead of popping up with the other skills. Much better organization, imo.
  • Tharansis for putting thought into his character and their backstory!
  • 4 dwarves, one room.
  • one npc waved to Ernest while a second harassed Menfanous about having a peddle.
  • I've forgotten to send this in before, but these secret rooms hidden in the Room descriptions are great fun! They give players cause to explore the world for more than just MOBs, or crafting materials, and give us reason to actually read these room descriptions you guys spent time on. I hope to find more secret rooms, and perhaps more secret interactive peices to rooms that you have to read the descriptions to find.
  • there's a body of a scavenging dog in Ernest's cart for spruce
  • Kaiah for giving up 200 lbs of her own pine to fix damage done to a boat by staff.
  • Wren for taking the last bomb and dropping it in the same room as the good guys.
  • LOL. Menfanous has never gone through a portal before I guess? Totally freaking out, almost throwing up. Hilarious.
  • To the wandering chicken who saw me with dead chickens around me,skinning another, and still chose to wander in anyways.
  • That was cool. Thank you for rolling with my RP sorcery.
  • Did the game always tell you what direction a door was in when someone opens/closes it? At any rate I just now noticed --A harbor guard leaves through a weathered pine door. A weathered pine door to the north closes.-- and it is very helpful!
  • Snaek for logging in for 4 hours from a casino hotel room. Questionable use of time.
  • I saw the Empyrion give the Prelate a gift of food after the feast was over, I think they really meant it.
  • great random emote. A constable holds up a lantern to the faces of two male goblins standing in the shadows, causing them to dart off in opposite directions.
  • geel for donating his earnings following death to the collection chest when no one was watching
  • I have a hard time taking Astraevan temple meetings seriously with Batman carved on the wall.
  • merchant gobbling centepede monster was epic, being on an island while it's breaking into the sea was epic, really awesome! Lots of fun. Thanks.
  • That was one of the most incredible nights I have ever had in SI. Loved the detail put into the senario with the rock faces falling off and the ground shifting. Wonderful RP and required players that don't normally interact much pull together to save the outlast settlers.
  • Garaven for refusing to sing 5 words from a Taylor Swift song in exchange for an extra item.
  • I just wanted to thank whoever animated NPC's for my character to speak to. That was a lovely introduction to a game I have been reading about for months. I really appreciate that you took the time to do so. :)
  • Thank you!!!!!!!
  • sorry, I am going to have to take that thank you back.
  • I'm again overwhelmed with joy at the immediate action taken to my typo reports
  • i think verdani would look down upon themselves if they could figure out how to manage it.
  • Snaek for making me forget how to spell snake correctly!
  • A trio of sylphs, all different religions, hunting and exploring together. ADORABLE.
  • The orc bruiser called me a filthy maggot! LOL
  • Props to Geel. He stood at his temple gate all night long to defend it against intruders.
  • The work of staff in dealing with activities around Yiris hanging if planned or not is greatly appreciated and add to my personal enjoyment and hopefully others also. oh.. and moki too.
  • love the orcs in the mine. I had to laugh at this one...An orc elder exclaims, Ack!
  • Eabo for taking a knee every time I have to stop to mend
  • just got struck by lightning in broken hill. critical incineration almost killed me! lol!
  • thanks for the interaction with the golem - the wife is new to MUDding
  • I am pleased with the possessions you've given me.
  • It is personally rewarding to see a player standing on the rift's edge.

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Re: Praises for all!

Post by Shattered Mind » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:04 am

I'm not going to give it away in case some folks have not experienced it yet but, I love the new wagon random encounter. :)

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Re: Praises for all!

Post by zheepel » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:27 pm

I just wanted to reach out to the staff specifically, and say thank you. Thank you for your time and effort you put into this game, and making it a home for many. I also wanted to thank you for not only listening to player input, but considering it and implementing changes because of it. I know, from personal experience, that it can be difficult to process constructive criticism especially when sometimes it can come off as well...criticism. Please know it is because we care that we share our opinions. So once again, thank you for everything that you do.

PS. I guess I couldn't end this post without thanking the players as well. To all who have added to the tapestry, and those who have interacted with Zhee as well as my other characters. It's been a blast, and thank you.

PSS. So to surmise...Praise for all!

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