The Update and Classes

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Re: The Update and Classes

Post by Snaek » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:55 pm

Hi Xiija,

Thanks for the questions. There's some more info in the announcements ( ... =84&t=3046) regarding this update. Let me see if I can answer anything not covered there.
New seasonal and quest treasure system implemented.
... tell us more?
We started production of a new loot system at the beginning of the year and implemented it across the gaming world in different stages. At first there wasn't much of a noticeable change from your perspective but behind the scenes we installed a system that allows us to make game-wide changes to mob loot instantaneously and do so on the live server without requiring a reboot. Prior to this each mob had its own loot settings and there was little consistency. It was a nightmare to make any changes across the game because we'd have to update each mob type. We're easily discouraged around here so that kind of work doesn't happen often. Those days are gone.

Besides making it easier to introduce new stuff, this also allowed us to drop rare treasure into the system and distribute it across the game. The first example of this is the arcsilver pieces quest ( ... =87&t=3042). All hunting areas that drop loot have a chance of dropping a quest piece. The tougher the area, the higher the chance of getting one. This will run until the quest is completed. For the first run an actor is doing the work, but going forward these can be turned in to an npc who gives you the reward. Endless possibilities with this type of system in place.

This also allows us to do seasonal loot drops. This can be anything from sparklers during palace fireworks or candy during October to religious themed items during associated months. We're still coming up with ideas here on how to best utilize seasonal drops and welcome any player feedback on the topic.
o Poison Sylan Dust now prevents being slowed when active.
... not made from Syl i hope?.. you may be askin for it! ::cackles:
Maybe? Hard to say if the assassins are skinning the Sylves to make it. No evidence.
XXX now unlocks from XXX
Can we change the timetable for when these lists will be posted from Soon(tm) ... to Never(tm)
Done. These lists will "Never(tm)" be posted.

Seriously though, it's a tired excuse but these levels still keep changing. Almost everything is being moved up to unlock at an earlier level because these damn kids these days can't focus on something for more than 10 seconds. There needs to be more reward at the beginning for a player to become engaged enough to stick with it so these will continue moving around. That said, I will be putting the levels into the help files. For all skills, trades, prayers, and spells. For example.

Code: Select all

Skill    : Mining
Unlocked : Foraging(5)
Unlocks  : Stone Sculpting(5), Speculating(10), Blacksmithing(15), Refining(20), Gem Cutting(25) , Jewelry Crafting(30)
I'm pretty close to done with these adjustments so "soon" remains the most practical answer I can give unfortunately. This is part of a larger project going on to update the information available to players through the game and website. There's nearly a decade of info and just compiling and sorting it has taken an exhaustive amount of time. Now that it's sorted we are merging it all together and god I am talking like it's code. Anyway that's the most important task we are working on currently. Hope these answers help!

P.S. The detailing skills were moved down from 25 and 50 to 15 and 30. Not all skills have two in which case the corresponding skill would unlock at 15. For example, dyeing unlocks at 15 tailoring, embroidering at 30. Tailoring currently has clothing options through level 36. If you are already past one of these levels it'll unlock the next time you level up.

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Re: The Update and Classes

Post by Xiija » Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:25 pm

Sounds kewl, :)

Thanks for the infos, i'll try and drop in more often to keep up with all the changes :)

p.s. didja all fix plague/resist? .. seems to work now?


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Re: The Update and Classes

Post by Creon » Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:06 am

People want counter play for magic, prayer, and poison. We gave potions to counter prayer. To me applying poison shouldnt be allowed in combat OR alternatively you could much like pummel very taxing to use while in combat. It gives counterplay while not destroying their class kit.

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