Where do I post about myself?

For those of you who just have to talk about something other than Shattered Isles. This is a general out of character forum. Proceed with caution.
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Where do I post about myself?

Post by Snaek » Thu Dec 24, 2020 11:47 pm

It's a weird feeling to go through your own forums and not know where to talk about yourself. This seemed like the best place, way down at the bottom of the page. Wonder if anyone will see it?

2020 has been a real shit show, but it's ending on a strong note for me. Certainly didn't go to plan with the restrictions in place in Washington State. The first lockdown put me out of work for 4 months, only to return at 25% capacity in July. Since school was out I was working as a game tester, trying to put in a 1 year minimum requirement I saw on pretty much every job I looked at in the industry. Figured I might as well put in the work since I couldn't go forward with school at the time. In November I had been with that job for a year (on paper), so I started shopping around that experience. Wasn't long after updating my resume and LinkedIn that a recruiter reached out for an interview. 3 interviews later I got the job that I can do it full-time from home and still have a foot in the gaming world (That work from home setup includes dual monitors and a dock, so it's definitely going to benefit my classes and the game). I'm extremely thankful to find a job in an industry that is booming during a time when businesses are closing all over Seattle. It's everything I need to get the game where it needs to be and finish school over the next two years.

Around the same time, my current college created a new bachelor's program that fit well into what I am wanting to achieve. By not transferring, I get to keep more classes I've already taken and speed up my graduation date by 9 months. Not to mention it's cheaper, closer to home, familiar, etc. Classes start back in January and are all online at least for the first quarter, so my new commute is basically closing one laptop and opening the other. Might go crazy being at home that much, or I will continue to cook up all kinds of new stuff like I have throughout the pandemic. Or both.

I say all this because I wanted everyone to know where I stand with things. It sounds like a lot to be taking on in addition to SI, but it's been the lack of stability in these two areas of my life that has made it so difficult to focus on the game. I can see a little further into the future these days and it makes it easier to set aside time for finishing the remaining work so I can relaunch this game for everyone. We are a little bit behind as of now, I'd say about 3 weeks. I had to sacrifice some game time to get the new job and school applications completed, but that's all set now. I'm currently back in Georgia helping my mom pack up her house for a move within the state, so that's eating up another chunk of time. Work will resume in January once I've settled into my new schedule. I left off on treasure items and had gotten pretty far into updating the loot tables which now includes treasure chests (some requiring lockpicking) across the world that are filled with loot based on different scenarios (hunting in the area, defeating a boss, part of a quest, etc). It's starting to shape up really nicely to compliment shops and player crafting. After that I'll be revisiting the skinnable mobs of the world, the resource tables for each area, and then finally the crafting skills. It's important I save crafting for last so that I make sure players can craft all the types of items that exist in shops and treasure.

So that's me and where things are trending. I'd be interested in hearing how others are closing out 2020. I'm sure everyone has a story about how things have gone but I'm mainly interested in what you've learned and where things are heading.

P.S. It took Godaddy so long to recover [email protected] tonight I went ahead and wrote all this up. Long story short, email is back online. Unfortunately emails since September were lost and likely bounced.

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Re: Where do I post about myself?

Post by Seren » Sat Dec 26, 2020 8:14 am

Yes 2020 was a poop year! I'm glad to hear you're doing well and thank you for all the information and updates about the game. I'm looking forward to coming back and doing a little cooking.

Stay safe and healthy and here's to a better New Year.

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Re: Where do I post about myself?

Post by Xiija » Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:56 pm

Glad you are both hanging in there :) Thanks for the Updates Snaek...

I'm still here, trying to keep busy.. runnin out of stuff to do,
so i might go back and go thru Mudlet hell again lol.

i'll try and start loggin on again, if the game is still up,
and see if i can remember how to play :P
Happy Holidays all !


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