Temple Meeting Log 2/8/439

The library is overflowing with lustrous tomes, books and scrolls, some placed on the many shelves throughout the room while others are left open on various white wooden tables. The shelves reach all the way to the ceiling, with movable ladders available to reach the highest spots. A small posting board has been set up for Astraevans to share information with one another.

NOTE: These boards are only accessible from inside the temple and are not public knowledge.
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Temple Meeting Log 2/8/439

Post by Bastion Mannix » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:57 pm

:A crisp white piece of parchment is tacked here:

Gathering of Light on the 8th day of Astraeven, 439 AoM, 9 Bells.

In attendance:
Merchant Emissary Menfanous Hammersmith
Emissary Eleanora O'Hara
Garek Faustinas
Zoe Steelmoon
Bastion Mannix
two additional quiet and humble priestesses of Astraeva


Opening Prayer led by Bastion Mannix

Open discussion pursued.
Zoe and Garek brought forward the idea for the temple to participate more in community service:
The idea to open a Soup Kitchen was mentioned.
The fellowship agreed that Bastion is to write the proposal, Zoe is to present it to Conclave for approval.

Menfanous led a discussion regarding structure of the Temple and meetings.
Temple Leadership
Illuminar - Head of temple.
Coinbearer - to manage donations/proselytize.
Lightscribe - to write for meetings, minutes, information.
It is recommended that parishioners consider the present temple roster and help decide who our leadership should include. We will be voting in the future.
We need templemembers to participate in meetings and to help organize our temple. If you are of the White Lady and were not able to attend, we urge you to be more present within the city of Pearl and within the temple.

Bastion petitioned the temple to aide him in restocking the library and repairing the lock on the gate
Bastion will be collecting donations to restock the temple library in the temple, will also be petitioning Ayderius for more information regarding missing books and transcribing some books from the city library.
Eleanora to discuss lock reparations with a locksmith.

Menfanous brought to the table a discussion regarding festival/feast planning
We need input on an annual festival starting in 440 AoM, we are currently in the month of Astraeven, and of course the month of Light, Lir, is to follow. Bastion suggested the festival be in Lir, others suggested during the summer months, when there is the most Sun.
We would like to host a feast this year during Lir, while we continue to plan a larger festival for the following year.

Closing prayer by Bastion Mannix

Save the Date! Future meetings will be held on the second Wander Day of each month at 9 and a half bells.

Walking in Her Light, each and every day,

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