Statement from Doxx

Wooden shelves line the mahogany paneled walls and the center of the library displaying books both old and new. Each row is meticulously cataloged and labeled with fire-etched wooden signs indicating subject and author. A small posting board has been set up for Pyresians to share information with one another.

NOTE: These boards are only accessible from inside the temple and are not public knowledge.
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Statement from Doxx

Post by Swamp Ape » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:10 pm

What has happened to our temple? I leave on an exploratory mission, scouring the windswept mountains, dank cliff-side caves, and deep dark mines all while seeking the guidance of our Lord Pyrous in search for answers and artifacts of unimaginable and immense power which will be to the benefit of all our people and grant our temple the influence and strength needed to shape the lands as we see fit.

I have since returned and I hear whispers that the spineless, boot licking, coward Pyratherndar is calling herself the arch-mage of Pyrous? Pyratherndar is a disgrace to our temple. Rather than be given a title of such magnitude, Pyratherndar should be flayed and skinned alive for all to bear witness as the life drains from her eyes, turning cold and cloudy while they shrivel in their sockets and she is left to rot cold and alone. Pyratherndar needs to be kicked down to the lowest rung of our hierarchy and should not hold any sway or have any representative influence over our temple and our temple matters.

Pyratherndar would prefer to consort with our enemies and frolic with every other temple in these lands rather than advance any of our lords’ agendas. She is weak minded and a fool. Pyratherndar should be scrubbing chamber pots instead of holding any sort of authority and influence over the new recruits and travelers of our Lord that are entering these lands. The last thing we need is a boatload of fresh faces arriving and meeting Pyratherndar for the first time in a position of perceived authority and being tainted by her weak-minded ways.

Allies are one thing. There is no denying we do need allies but Pyratherndar you go out of your way to lick everyone’s boots and you try and please everyone at the expense of your own temple. You are a coward that is afraid someone will not like you. You do not have the heart and mind to pull the trigger when the times comes to defend our temple and our temple mates.

Pyratherndar I do not recognize any of your perceived authority. You are false. You are a pale, bloated maggot that is feasting on the rotting corpse of a scorched and mangled Kaleithian. Your time is rapidly approaching to meet our Lord face to face and answer for your blasphemous ways.

We are coming - You will know us
We are the right - We are the left
The Lord shows no mercy - His hands will deliver his justice

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Re: Statement from Doxx

Post by Pyratherndar » Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:32 am


Your journey's take you away from our Temple for various amounts of time and have before and will again. In your absence a lot of things in our Temple, people, and the city have changed. I have been elected by our Temple members to be Arch-Mage and leader of our Temple. With that honor and responsibility I am now the voice and will speak on behalf of our Temple. Before now you did not attend Temple meetings, go on Temple hunts, and have never left a inquiry on the Temple wall asking about anything. If you want your voice and opinion to be heard come to meetings, come on Temple hunts and/or leave a message on the Temple wall and I will do my best to accommodate you.

We are not going to be an isolationised Temple so we need to communicate with other Temples and their members. Our Allies are vital to our Temple and we have had some of our Allies for a very long time and we plan to keep those Allies the unforeseen future. Along with Allies, friends are important to our Temple members and we may not agree on who can be friends with whom but it is up to each Temple member to use his or her own discretion. Just because a person talks to someone does not mean that they are friends. Some people are tolerated just for the sake of being civilized.

Also in time people change. Just because someone did something once upon a time doesn't mean they are the same way today. People learn, grow and mature. If they have made mistakes in the past they learn from them and do their best to not do it again. I have changed and grown since you last spent any time with me. You no longer know me. No one of us is perfect except our Lord above. We are here to bring honor and glory to Mightly Lord Pyrous how each of us does it is up to them.

I care more then anything about our Lord and our Temple and I want what is best for it.

Pyrathundar Blyze,
Arch-Mage of Lord Pyrous

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