A crisp parchment written in a crisp hand

An impenetrable ceiling of leafy vines covers the top of the tunnel. The rich black dirt of the earth oozes a sticky tar-like substance along the sides of the path. A small posting board has been set up for Tetherians to share information with one another.

NOTE: These boards are only accessible from inside the temple and are not public knowledge.
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A crisp parchment written in a crisp hand

Post by althea » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:58 am

My dear brothers and sisters,

Let me first introduce myself. I am Althea, an earth mage. I thought to myself, before appealing to a more open market, that I should look to the needs of my brothers and sisters first. As such, I would note myself a gatherer of no large repute, taking joy in coming to better understand the many bounties that Mother blesses us with, acquainting myself in a meandering way as well with the local nature of things. However, to the point, if anyone of the temple seeks certain materials, and I come to pass them, I shall stop to gather what I may, in order to aid my brothers and sisters in their endeavors. I would look favorably to trade materials for others that may be more plentiful and less of use, rather than seek doubloons, so that I may perhaps turn such materials to similar purpose, or my own, as I do enjoy a bit of craft myself. I consider myself quite reasonable and very open to any fair offers. Simply name the materials you seek below, and perhaps, where I might find some of them in any possibility of abundance.

Unrelated, I would love to get to know more and more of my temple mates, so as to foster my own spiritual growth, and the act of honing of thought in myself and others.

Yours in service,

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