Reoccurring Events

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Reoccurring Events

Post by Snaek » Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:24 pm

In Shattered Isles, there are several occasions throughout the year to mark the anniversary of historical events, festivals dedicated to each religion held during their holy months, and regularly scheduled meetings that occur on specific days each month. It's important to note that while not all religious holidays have been celebrated, there is a planned time of year we wish to host each one. These are spaced out evenly to build interest and give staff time to focus on other matters in between festivals.

The Pearlean Conclave holds its meetings on the 10th day of each month. This includes a closed door meeting at 8:30pm GT where emissaries vote on proposals from the previous month, followed by an open to the public meeting at 9pm GT. Conclave is out of session during the months of Kale and Zephyrous (December and January). The date and time in which Conclave is held is subject to change.

Utter Clutter Flea Market
On the first of each month, a flea market event is held at the end of Hawker's Alley in the Academy. This event is to encourage players to trade resources and other goods with one another rather than letting them collect dust in their bank account. This also is a great opportunity for veteran players to interact with new students in the Academy. Merchants from the Archai Trading Company (ATC) often attend with leftover peddle items and harder to find materials to trade. The only rule is that everything must be traded; no coin should change hands.

Alumni Day
Alumni Day is an event that brings together veteran and new players to share their knowledge with one another. The primary focus of the event is the trade skills with experienced players demonstrating how different crafting skills work. The event is often held twice a year and takes place in the Coliseum at the SE end of Hawker's Alley in the Academy.

Other events that occur on a monthly basic include: Museum Curator Hours, Custom Item Orders, and Out Of Character (OOC) Games.

The following is a list of events that are currently in place:

Zephyrous (January) - Month of Aerthane
  • Pearlean Conclave Recess (all month)
  • Changing Winds Festival (end of the month)
Astraven (February) - Month of Astraeva

Lir (March) - Month of Astraeva

Hydrem (April) - Month of Kaleith
  • Blessing of the Fleet (end of the month)
Tetherian (May) - Month of Tetherias

Pyrite (June) - Month of Pyrous
  • Conflagration of the Phoenix (2nd half of the month)
Pyron (July) - Month of Pyrous
  • Palace Fireworks (4th of the month)
Eurous (August) - Month of Aerthane

Tenebrous (September) - Month of Itzal

Shade (October) - Month of Itzal
  • The Longest Night of the Year (last Sunday of the month)
Verdi (November) - Month of Tetherias
  • Archai's Renewal (middle of the month)
Kale (December) - Month of Kaleith
  • Palace Fireworks (31th of the month)
  • Pearlean Conclave Recess (all month)

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