Game login information, frequently asked questions, and other helpful tips for playing Shattered Isles.
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Q: Is there a list of bugs somewhere so I can know if something has already been reported?
A: Yes. The BUGLIST command will give you the most recent list of known issues. If you don't see it there, send it in!

Q: When a mob resists an attack, do they still take damage?
A: Depending on their resistance to the type of attack, they can resist some or all of the damage.

Q: I am not getting any uses in my new ability. What can I do?
A: First thing you should do is log out and back in. If a new skill is added to you in abnormal ways, it needs to be saved to you first before it will begin advancing. Logging out and back in ensures this. If you are still having problems, check BUGLIST. If your issue isn't there, use the BUG command to let us know!

Q: Why do failed commands have a delay?
A: This is a known bug that we are seeking out. It's common across all abilities, which means the fix is deeper into the matrix than just the individual skills. Deeper into the matrix means wider repercussions if we do something wrong. It's proceed with caution territor but we are actively looking for a solution.

Q: Is there a hidden delay for things when seated?
A: Yes. It is a bug that is being looked into. Skills like Mending that require you to be seated were not meant to be penalized for sitting.

Q: When I look into another room and someone is hidden, I can tell someone is there. Is that a bug?
A: Yes it is. Looking into a neighboring room was something we created from scratch and these are the few lingering bugs that need to be squished.

Q: My attack spell isn't giving me stamina increases every 5 levels, is that wrong?
A: No. Currently only stamina restoration prayers and spells, Turning, and combative skills increase stamina. If others are added players will be retroactively given their stamina increases.

Q: I can't eat or drink! What's wrong?
A: You most likely have a pipe equipped, which is occupying your mouth. Remove it and enjoy your dinner.

Q: My AR/DR progression seems off. Is there something wrong with my skill?
A: In most cases, this is because of a change in weapons or armor, which carry with them different bonuses based on material. There are also times when your AR/DR can be lower based on your position or an illness.

Q: Why can't I hold a weapon in my off hand and use Unarmed Combat with my main hand?
A: If you are holding (not wielding) a weapon and enter combat, you automatically switch that weapon to your main hand for use.

Q: Can the afk message be changed?
A: It can't be changed individually. It first displays at 5 minutes because more player connections are dropped at longer intervals.

Q: When tracking someone who uses a portal spell, I lose their tracks. Is this working as intended?
A: It is. They are no longer walking and leaving tracks for you to follow at this point. Tracking does not follow magic. You'd have to get within their radius once more to find the trail again.

More to come soon!

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