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Information regarding the latest updates to Shattered Isles. A complete list can be viewed in game from the account menu and also by using the UPDATES command.
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Server progress news

Post by Snaek » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:10 am

Last week we added additional security to the website and forums. You'll now see it displayed with the https:// prefix. This helps protect any sensitive information passed, namely in these forums in the form of email and password. It also improves our standing with Google, who recently decided to turn their nose up to anyone without this layer of security. So good news all around there. Unfortunately it knocked out our email for a week before we realized. As of this post, [email protected] is fully operational again.

The new toaster is perfectly browning our toast as a much smoother speed than its predecessor. We'll have to do some stress tests to see what it's capable of, but early signs suggest it could be a noticeable improvement in game performance.

There's still a few more server-side things to setup but the game is running smoothly and work has resumed on some world building projects. Thanks everyone who has followed along. You have no idea how much your likes, words of encouragement, and displays of gratitude have meant. It's easy to lose sight of the end goal at times and get discouraged, but those of you who continue to support the game and know what it will one day become really inspire us to keep going.

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