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Reported Bugs

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:35 pm
by Snaek
These types of announcements don't usually make the update list or require their own post, but I'm adding them here so those that reported them don't feel ignored.

Academy skeletons were running wild. We culled them back to a normal size.
The troglodyte scout that guards the underground entrance will now respawn after the area has been empty for a bit.

There will be a bigger post coming soon about recent mob work we've been doing, but in short, we've removed all the npcs and mobs that would respawn in the same room all the time (a mob appears!). These are instead loaded into their areas at random. The only exceptions are stationary mobs that do not wander, like sentries, or in the above case, the troglodyte scout. If killed, they will remain dead for a certain length of time depending on the area. Think of it like a heist where you break into a place and kill all the guards. They shouldn't come right back while you are still there. That kind of spoils the realism of what you are doing.

Shopkeepers and quest npcs are still an exception to the above and are usually in a peacebound room or area, like a shop.