Conclave Notes 6/13

A short winding path, shaped by leaning stacks of paper, leads to the scribe's desk. On the desk lays piles of vellum and other sheets for writing upon. A sign rests on the desk indicating the prices for service and writing supplies.
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Conclave Notes 6/13

Post by Blink » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:01 am

Morley's application for Marshal was accepted by the Conclave. He will undergo training and be voted on again by the Conclave after a 3 month trial period.

Increased signs of necromancy in the region was discussed.

Changing the day Conclave is held on was discussed. No decision has been made yet and it will be discussed further.

Trystan inquired about his request to the Crown for an expedition to the Crooked Sisters. He was told that the Crown had decided it was too dangerous at this time.

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