My sincere appolgoies

A short winding path, shaped by leaning stacks of paper, leads to the scribe's desk. On the desk lays piles of vellum and other sheets for writing upon. A sign rests on the desk indicating the prices for service and writing supplies.
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My sincere appolgoies

Post by Pyratherndar » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:50 pm

Citiens of Pearl,

Hello and good day to you all. I have made a schedualing error that I am just now becomming aware of and I owe you all a sincere appolgoy that i missing my posted hours this month. If you came to see me the night of my hours and i missed you, i humbly appolgiese. A new posting of my hours for this month will be posted soon. I have checked and made sure there are no more errors and will take a little more time in planning furture dates.

Pyratherndar Blyze
Arch-Mage of Lord Pyrous
Land and Sea Houseing Authority, City of Pearl

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