02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:02 pm

Snaek says to Austere, "I can start while you walk."

Trystan asks, "Or jog?"

Trystan squints at Austere.

Austere says, "Ty."

Snaek says, "Thank you all for coming. This is actually more people than I expected after seeing the recent numbers."

Trystan asks, "And you didn't announce this, did you?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "Somewhat."

Bocon says, "Not on the forums."

Snaek says, "It went out to facebook and was on the calendar."

Trystan says, "I stumbled on it when I logged in."

Snaek says, "Ah, yeah. The forums. Well, a log will go there."

Snaek says, "We decided a talk was needed due to the low activity of the game. Explaining what's been going on and what is needed to go forward."

Snaek says, "To be clear, I certainly don't blame anyone who hasn't been logging in as much. The RP hasn't been there from the staff side. I feel I must apologize for the state of the last festival as well."

Snaek says, "We had some solid momentum over the winter break and even though I knew going back to school would slow down progress some, I couldn't have predicted all the madness that would happen at the same time."

Snaek says, "Both myself and Austere unexpectedly moved at the end of January."

Snaek says, "That pretty much brought things here to a standstill."

Pyratherndar scoots over to make room for Snaek and Austere.

Austere says, "Okay, home safe."

Austere says, "Home being a relative term..."

Trystan says, "Fluid."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "Good, I made room for you and Snaek on the couch."

Austere sits down on some paisley-patterned long cotton couches.

Snaek says, "So while we were suppose to be planning and working on a festival, we were both looking for new places to live. And while the festival was going on we were both moving."

Snaek says, "We've both had gaps in our internet as well. In short, it's been horrible timing."

Austere says, "Don't mind me while I munch of these expensive cauliflower tacos that cost me $21 for 3 before tip."

Trystan flinches.

Bocon chuckles.

Pyratherndar winces.

Snaek says to Austere, "That sounds awful."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "I hope you enjoy them."

Pyratherndar wrinkles her nose nose.

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "Good heavens I hope you enjoy them."

Austere says, "Suckers, they're awesome."

Snaek says, "I don't bring all that up to make excuses, but to lead into what has been an eye opener for us."

Snaek says, "This game really lives and dies with my activity, and that is never going to take us anywhere beyond where we are now."

Snaek says, "I've still got years of school left and even with the sacrifices I'm making, there is just too little free time remaining to be divided up across all the areas that need attention in SI."

Snaek says, "So if I'm out and another staff member can't cover, we really take a big hit to our activity."

Snaek says, "When we first decided to do this, and this was a year after I had already set up the world of SI, we laid out a long term plan not just for the game but for the entire idea of Shattered Isles."

Austere nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "And far down the line was the hope of one day turning over this creation, the MUD portion of it, to the players. We didn't know it would be any of you at the time, well perhaps Geel and Seren, but we really had no idea how that would unfold."

Snaek says, "It was just a distant idea and a hope that those that invested the time into helping us create this world would pick up the torch and create their own magic for the future."

Pyratherndar frowns.

Snaek says, "2018 Has not gone according to plan at all, but it has made us realize that the time for that transition is fast approaching."

Snaek says, "Now that's not to say we want to step away. We have tons of work left to do here that we want to focus on."

Snaek says, "But we can't do it while also running the world."

Snaek says, "We'll never get beyond 20 players IG at once."

Snaek says, "And that's when things are running smoothly and we have 3-4 others on deck helping us."

Pyratherndar asks, "I take it that the others time has also been taken from the world?"

Snaek says, "The projects we are working on at this stage in the game require a lot of time. They aren't the type of tasks you can squeeze in while also running festivals and peddles and RP events. If we're ever going to address the poor shape the combat system is in, or deliver on the quests we've promised, we have to be able to work on just that."

Austere says, "So true, they are week long projects really."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Everyone comes and goes. That's the nature of volunteer work. You do it when you can find the time."

Snaek says, "Mainyu and Saphira have been holding down the fort in our absence."

Trystan glances up.

Snaek says, "I want to be clear though that we remain committed to this game and want to follow through on all the plans we've made over the years."

Snaek says, "We're not trying to pass that off onto someone else."

Austere nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "But it is time for some fresh ideas and new blood and we are currently on a path to never get beyond the loyal player base we've mostly inherited from Dragon's Gate."

Austere says, "I literally got internet 2 days ago, but have started new work."

Pyratherndar says, "I didn't come here because I Dgate, it may be what lead me here but it is not what has kept me."

Snaek smiles at Pyratherndar.

Austere says, "I just worked my 11th straight day."

Pyratherndar says, "You all kept me here."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "You're not alone."

Austere says to Pyratherndar, "Thank you for that."

Trystan says to Austere, "Yah, that gets old quick."

Pyratherndar says, "You are my family, all of you."

Snaek says to Austere, "We've been trying to one up each other all year."

Austere says to Snaek, "Your school is at least an investment into this game."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "I feel the same way about all of you. I want to ensure this place remains a home for you."

Austere says to Snaek, "I'm just trying to secure a future as a bartender."

Snaek says to Austere, "It is, and that's a good point to bring up. Now more than ever I need more time to focus on the coding projects of the game because I am broadening my understanding of how it all works."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "I’ll take some top shelf amaretto on the rocks please."

Snaek says, "I would kill to have two weeks to dive into the code and not have to worry about other obligations."

Pyratherndar grins at Austere.

Pyratherndar says, "What of us that dont know code, I took over housing but how can I help more."

Austere exclaims to Snaek, "Not until Spring Break!"

Pyratherndar says, "But me doing housing makes more work for you."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "There is so much that can be done in this game without any coding necessary."

Austere asks, "Pyreesh, maybe Summer Break?"

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "Like what, we can not help if we don’t know what needs done."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Well, for starters, as was made clear at the beginning of this meeting, the forums need better moderation."

Snaek says, "There is no code needed there. Just eyes and an understanding of the IC world so you can chime in on IC posts with the appropriate scribe accounts."

Snaek says, "It's easily one of the most neglected aspects of the game."

Pyratherndar says, "Well teach me."

Austere says, "I feel terrible, I was away for a few days all caught up in making sure I had a job that I whiffed on some meetings that some players called for."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "That's just one aspect. There are a lot of moving parts to keeping the world running."

Snaek says, "And we are willing to teach and will be reaching out to specific players that have offered to help in the past. Tonight I just want to outline the need."

Austere says, "Tonight we wanted to apologize."

Snaek nods to Austere.

Austere says, "Neither one of us was prepared to move when we did."

Snaek says, "For the 2nd time in 2.5 years the house I was renting was sold. The housing market in Seattle is absurd right now and for someone working and going to school full time, it's not easy to find a new place in less than 30 days."

Austere says to Snaek, "We both had real short notice too."

Snaek says, "It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I do have big plans for the game and beyond. It just makes things really unpredictable in the short term."

Austere says, "Mine was voluntary in that no one made me move but myself, but I had a window of 5 days to do it, so I capitalized."

Austere says, "I was originally supposed to move in Sept, soon after the downtime of DCON."

Pyratherndar says, "You both do your best, we all know that."

Pyratherndar says, "I appreciate everything you do for the game."

Bocon says, "Happened to me too earlier last year."

Austere says, "My move was postponed for a few month, but then I had less than a week to prepare."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "I appreciate that, but it has become painfully obvious that unless we are devoting an unhealthy amount of time to what is basically a 3rd job in my case, the game will suffer."

Bocon says, "30 Days notice at least."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Never fun. Even if that's the only thing you had to focus on it would be stressful as hell."

Bocon says, "Yeah, especailly with kids."

Bocon says, "Especially."

Snaek says to Bocon, "I can only imagine, and I don't want to."

Snaek says, "Like I said though, we're not here to make excuses. We want to make sure the game can survive these kinds of situations going forward."

Trystan asks Snaek, "So the lack of logins isn't from anything other than your absence?"

Bocon says to Trystan, "No."

Snaek says to Trystan, "I'm sure that sounds conceded but we've been doing this long enough to see the impact of when we are away vs here."

Draven arrives from the west.

Draven says, "Hello."

Snaek waves to Draven.

Pyratherndar scooches over a little more making room for Draven.

Trystan says to Snaek, "I've always thought things would pick up once you said this is the official launch, along with releasing dragons."

Snaek says, "Granted there are those who weren't logging in long before this recent absence because of a variety of other reasons. Usually that's either because they are waiting for a dragon or are waiting for a specific change in mechanics."

Bocon nods.

Draven says, "I am just busy."

Snaek says, "They go hand in hand though. I can't focus on those things if I am using up the little time I have on RP events."

Snaek says, "But the RP events keep the people coming back. It's an awful mess."

Trystan says, "Well, that's for specific reasons though."

Austere says, "There sure seems to be a direct correlation, unless it's me,."

Austere says to Snaek, "Maybe my lack of internet did it."

Trystan asks, "Yes and no?"

Draven says, "You could use ur phone."

Snaek says, "That is why I think the time is approaching for fresh ideas from the player base and new leadership with the freedom to create their own scenarios. That confidence would come from having the full category of game lore and that is what we want to tackle before anything else."

Trystan says, "In my opinion, you put the game in a holding pattern the first time you delayed the 'official launch' date."

Trystan says, "In my opinion, you put the game in a holding pattern the first time you delayed the 'official launch' date."

Snaek says to Trystan, "You're not wrong."

Trystan ponders.

Trystan says, "The quote didn't work."

Snaek says, "That has certainly chipped away at our growth."

Austere says to Draven, "I have yet to use my phone effectively for this game in any capacity. I have played a pc solely from my phone, triggers and all, and it was horrendously difficult."

Trystan says, "In my opinion, you put the game in a holding pattern the first time you delayed the official launch date."

Draven says, "You can only expect so much they dont make a living making this game."

Trystan says to Snaek, "In my opinion, you put the game in a holding pattern when you delayed the first launch date."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Yeah, I got the idea of what you were saying."

Bocon says, "Lmao."

Pyratherndar says, "People log in and want things to do, and you both deserve to have a life other then SH or you going to burn yourselfs out and then what will happen."

Pyratherndar says, "So someone that knows the ins and outs of the game need to be able to do those things."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Sure, but in the grand scheme of things that isn't enough for someone who wants to play a game and have fun."

Draven says to Austere, "The pc muds are for experienced players the phone ha."

Draven says, "The phone apps are more user friendly."

Draven says, "Especially setting up the basics."

Draven says, "Buttons in particular."

Pyratherndar says, "I dont want to see this game fizzle out, it would break my heart and I know many others, I'm typing thru tears right now at just the thought."

Trystan asks Snaek, "So you're wanting help with the live world, that basically it?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "To answer your statement, I completely agree. We've delayed a few times and missed several target dates. Mostly because we're just really bad at predicting that kind of stuff, but also due to not accounting enough for real life delays."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Not just help. Ideally we would turn over the IC world to someone else to direct."

Snaek says, "I feel with the full library of game history, it would be a lot easier for someone to come in and give life to the game."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Sign me up then. Whatever it takes to keep things moving along before this poor thing withers away."

Draven says, "Isn’t Trystan the grammar police."

Pyratherndar says to Trystan, "I'm willing to help you."

Snaek says to Draven, "Let's hope not."

Trystan says to Draven, "Only after the fact."

Pyratherndar says, "Would doing housing every other month help, that would give you more time to do other things."

Snaek says, "There have been a lot of you who have offered to help. Those that do will have all the tools needed to take the game in a new direction. We'll work with you every step of the way but you'd be allowing us to focus on bigger projects like melee combat, treasure, and quests."

Draven says to Snaek, "You should reach out to Blink."

Trystan asks Snaek, "Did you already have a new direction in mind?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "Nothing that can't be changed. We are really only planned through the release of dragons."

Bocon asks, "And restoring the older players missing HP/FTG, yeah?"

Snaek says, "Beyond dragons I'd like to leave up to those who step up."

Draven says to Bocon, "Lol."

Snaek says to Bocon, "That's what I just snapped my fingers about. I meant to lead with that."

Bocon says, "Cause that's made a lot of people really salty atm."

Trystan asks Bocon, "What's wrong with your health and fatigue?"

Snaek says, "Yes, I will hold a couple of OOC events to update the health of older characters."

Snaek says, "Stamina isn't being done. Most gains as much or more from the stamina gains from class skills."

Bocon says, "Praise Cthulhu."

Pyratherndar nods yes rapidly.

Snaek says to Bocon, "I get it. The health one is a big loss."

Snaek says, "I like to think we did well by you all by rebuilding, but obviously that wasn't enough."

Bocon nods.

Pyratherndar says, "You tried that does count for something."

Bocon says, "Yeah, it's msotly been HP issues."

Bocon says, "Mostly."

Draven says to Bocon, "How much are you missing."

Pyratherndar says, "It just a little tweeking."

Bocon says to Draven, "Pretty sure I ahve the HP of a newly rolled potato atm."

Draven asks Bocon, "How much is that?"

Snaek says, "You probably all do unless you were less than level 50 when we rebuilt."

Bocon says, "I mean, it doesn't really concern this character, cause he's basically gone."

Snaek says, "20-50 Health is the amount one would gain with taking a newbie from 1-50."

Bocon nods.

Bocon says, "And whatever Con raises you got."

Pyratherndar nods.

Draven says to Snaek, "Yeah im missing hp from con raise and I think my character levels too."

Draven says, "Not that its a massive deal."

Snaek says to Draven, "You aren't missing any levels."

Trystan asks Bocon, "What's your health?"

Bocon says to Trystan, "188."

Trystan asks Bocon, "And what do you think it should be?"

Bocon says to Trystan, "Higher than 188."

Draven says, "212."

Trystan laughs.

Snaek says, "It's hard to fully explain the big picture for Shattered Isles, but the plan has always been to establish the history and lore so we can use it for other projects with the MUD always being the center of the SI universe."

Bocon says to Snaek, "I do have a few questions/concerns about this new plan."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Shoot."

Bocon says, "And they mostly stem from when I was running RP events in Dgate."

Snaek nods.

Bocon says, "1. Favortism typically happened back then."

Snaek nods to Bocon.

Seren says to Bocon, "Agreed."

Bocon says, "2. A lot of the event runners would not communicate properly and RP events would cross over and get all jacked up to the point to where we had to stop them."

Bocon says, "Runners."

Snaek says to Bocon, "You're right, and I'm afraid we've followed in many of those same footsteps."

Trystan raises an eyebrow.

Bocon says, "It's really hard to avoid tbh."

Draven says, "How does favoritism affect a rp event."

Draven says, "Unless a reward is."

Draven says, "Involved it seems moot."

Bocon says to Draven, "Not true. you can easily make 1 person a constant meain character in an event."

Pyratherndar asks, "Meain?"

Snaek says, "One of the toughest parts of this is spotting your opportunities for a RP event. Seeing the right mix of players in the same area and capitalizing on it. That is really intimidating for newer staff members and without planning they can feel leading without ever fully coming to a close."

Bocon says, "Main."

Trystan says, "Good thing I like improv."

Snaek grins at Trystan.

Seren says to Draven, "And if you're told its a private event enough times you stop doing any rp."

Bocon nods.

Trystan says, "I sometimes forget that we're not all adults."

Radix peers at Trystan.

Bocon says, "It's really hard to be neutral to everyone sometimes."

Snaek says to Bocon, "I understand your concerns about favoritism. I don't play the game and I don't like anyone, but I am the exception. Most stepping into this position will have already decided if they like or dislike many of the current player base."

Bocon nods.

Trystan stares at Snaek.

Bocon says, "It's true."

Trystan says to Snaek, "That makes us kindred spirits."

Snaek grins at Trystan.

Snaek says to Trystan, "There's hope for you yet."

Pyratherndar says, "But they have to put it aside if they are going to run things."

Draven says, "I prefer just random triggering of events instead of long winded snare."

Snaek says, "We've got some great RPers here. I am not real worried about that."

Bocon says, "Not me. I'm shitty."

Bocon smiles.

Snaek says, "However, the best RPers usually aren't the ones who become staff. You don't even want to take them away from what they are doing because they are already helping the game."

Pyratherndar says, "I might be luke warm."

Trystan says to Bocon, "And you like people."

Draven says, "Trying to make an event is hard because you cant plan exactly what the players going to do."

Snaek nods to Draven.

Trystan raises an eyebrow at Draven.

Bocon says to Trystan, "Yeah, I could not be 100% non-bias."

Snaek says to Draven, "But you still want to give them the freedom to direct the narrative."

Trystan asks, "Isn't that the beauty of it?"

Bocon says, "Which is why I work on mechanics issues."

Bocon shrugs.

Draven says, "I always liked in dgate when like s."

Draven says, "When staff would drop random mobs or something fun."

Bocon chuckles.

Bocon says to Draven, "That was me a lot of times."

Draven says, "Then the players can run wkth it."

Pyratherndar says, "Let me drop a mob of vamps on ya."

Snaek says, "I'm not going anywhere and will be involved in most discussions before anything is carried out. Especially if it is something new."

Snaek says, "I really want to start addressing some of the major code issues though. Can't wait to do it."

Pyratherndar take a shackle with a big ball at the end and put one around Snaek and Aursere.

Snaek grins at Pyratherndar.

Pyratherndar grins.

Snaek says, "We aren't going anywhere and the game isn't either, but we are in danger of becoming an inactive game if we don't make some changes."

Austere nods.

Snaek says, "I try to level with you all because we've all been on this journey together for a long time. I don't want that to end anytime soon."

Austere says, "We have an island to open."

Snaek says, "And you can have a say in how the future islands are made."

Snaek says, "The lore will be there to back you up."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Especially since you promised."

Pyratherndar says, "I don't for sure dont want it to end, I have put my heart in Pyra jusst like you have put you heart and souls into makeing it."

Bocon says, "My heart will be with Waterdragon Icyface."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Back to what you said earlier about delaying the launch. That's been a delicate game to play. I've always felt like we can only play some of those cards once or twice and didn't want to waste them."

Trystan asks, "So now what... we pick teams?"

Snaek says, "We've always assumed things will be better with dragons, and I hope that's true, but my expectations are a bit less than others. I think there's quite a few Dgaters who say they are waiting for dragons but won't stick it out once they get one."

Trystan grins at Snaek.

Pyratherndar says, "They're nuts."

Snaek says, "Not unless they are exactly like dgate dragons, which they won't be."

Bocon asks Snaek, "Speaking of. Since they will have limited skills and no trades, how will they deal with the RL system atm?"

Pyratherndar says, "Well that wont both those who never made it to dragons full stage."

Bocon asks, "Will their skills be weighted or something?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "Their skill levels will be weighted, but they also gain some character and skill levels when they stage."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Which typically takes how long? (the staging)."

Trystan says to Bocon, "Four years."

Snaek says to Bocon, "The first one from juvenile to sub-adult should be 3-6 months depending on activity and RP."

Bocon says, "So 6 months for me."

Seren asks, "And does a mage have to be with them the entire time?"

Bocon says, "Got it."

Snaek says, "We want this to be relatively short because there are only so many abilities you can give a juvenile dragon that doesn't have magic."

Snaek says, "At sub-adult they unlock their magic which will work like any other class with new spells being unlocked as they advance."

Bocon nods.

Pyratherndar says, "Right now the voteing."

Snaek says to Seren, "It's not like a dgate bond, but they will need to develop a connection of some kind of a mage before they can stage."

Seren nods.

Pyratherndar says, "I vote everyday."

Pyratherndar says, "But right now should I be."

Snaek says to Bocon, "6 Months is the worst case for those who need more molding to fit into our vision for dragons."

Draven says to Snaek, "I thinks its a big mistake to tie RP to staging. it puts too much on staff's plate as they will have to consistantly observe the individual players. I would suggest a in game time spent as a setpt and instead of forcing a dragon to rp with a mage in order to stage have a generic religious choice they can choose during the stage."

Draven says, "If."

Bocon asks, "Can that connection be a large bribe?"

Bocon chuckles.

Draven says, "You have to consider that their may not be mages for the particular religion the player may want to be associated with."

Bocon says, "So 6 months."

Snaek says to Draven, "I hear ya, but the RP is a big part of it. Dragons are a RP heavy class and we want to make sure they fit our idea of dragons."

Austere says, "I dont' think it is a matter of constant RP, but more of an approach. Dragons need to seek out the magic, basically."

Bocon asks, "With Ast and iz not having mages, will there be no new gold/white/black dragons?"

Draven says to Snaek, "Well I would think RP should be a weighted factor for the final stage."

Draven says, "Because of how much power you would be giving the player."

Pyratherndar says, "There is a white dragon."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Not at first but with more time to dedicate to code we can get diviners and arcanists in the mix. Both classes in the IC sense would not develop until the return of dragons."

Draven says, "But the first what 2 stages seem like they should be automatic."

Bocon says, "Gotcha."

Bocon nods.

Radix nods.

Draven says, "After time is invested."

Snaek says to Draven, "Everyone makes it to sub-adult. RP gets you there faster is all."

Trystan says, "And then finally you can open up necromancy."

Snaek says, "Show me you have an idea for your dragon other than to roar and eat people and I will respond by staging you."

Bocon says, "I'm stumped now."

Austere says to Trystan, "That is a different tangent entirely."

Snaek laughs at Bocon.

Pyratherndar says, "Ok ok so there are enourmous amount of idea's just in us here, now we have to get from where we are now to there where we want it."

Trystan says, "I like my dragon spit roasted please."

Draven says, "Im not gonna make a stupid dragon."

Draven chuckles.

Snaek says, "Spend all your time afk scripting in the academy and it's going to take all 6 months."

Seren says, "Tipping cows."

Austere says to Bocon, "I'll stage roarers in the beginning."

Austere says, ";)."

Bocon says, "But that's such a good spot to script at."

Snaek says, "All valid questions though regarding dragons."

Trystan asks Snaek, "When are you going to release them again?"

Draven says to Snaek, "Is bite fixed."

Austere asks Seren, "Have you ever tried to tip a cow in SI?"

Pyratherndar says, "And it isn't going to be pulled from anyone bum, its going to take a lot of effort and peope."

Austere says to Trystan, "No date for release."

Austere gestures.

Seren says to Austere, "Heck no.. they're mean."

Trystan asks, "Step 1?"

Snaek says to Draven, "Getting closer. I was working on it before this meeting. I definitely have a better understanding of it. I just need to test more."

Austere says to Seren, "I wondered, because I think there was a time when it was possible to tip a cow over. I think we've probably removed that silliness by now."

Snaek says, "I don't want this to feel like we are dumping all the tough work on the players. That's not the case at all. So many of you have wonderful ideas that just need support to make them a reality. We want to give you the tools to do that."

Draven says to Snaek, "Have you considered renaming it natural attack and just give different visual attack options ie you claw at your opponent or you lash your tail etc."

Austere says, "I've done a lot of stupid things in the past as part of my learning."

Trystan says to Austere, "There's nothing silly about it. Tipping cows is good clean fun."

Seren says to Austere, "Yes and besides blink would get mad."

Snaek says to Draven, "Well, I should say bite already works as intended. It's the damage that doesn't."

Snaek says, "The skill itself is working fine. The damage output blows."

Bocon says, "RIP melee."

Snaek says, "That's partly due to a larger melee combat issue that needs addressing."

Bocon chuckles.

Draven asks Snaek, "You cant scale in bonus dmg into the attack roles?"

Austere says to Snaek, "So unhinged..."

Snaek says to Draven, "It already is."

Austere says, "So epic."

Snaek opens his mouth wide, unhinging his lower jaw.

Draven asks Snaek, "Armor pent?"

Snaek's jaw snaps back into place.

Snaek says to Draven, "It's all already there."

Snaek says, "The results are not."

Austere says to Snaek, "You could tip a cow over with that jaw."

A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin attacks Draven with a sharp elbow.
The attack is a glancing blow.

A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin attacks Draven with a strong jab.
The attack is a mild scratch.

Snaek says, "But let's not narrow down to so many specifics. All I really need is dedicated time."

A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin attacks Draven with a quick punch.
The attack misses.

Austere says to Draven, "Should have just bought the car."

Snaek says, "In the hour I spent before this meeting I had such a stronger grasp on how combat works than I ever did before I started back to college."

Draven asks Snaek, "You catch my post about skill perks?"

Austere says to Snaek, "I had a strong grasp of a rum drink for my walk home."

Snaek says, "I never fully understood how a lot of this works. I just recreated what I'd already seen elsewhere in the game."

Snaek says to Austere, "Drinking and exercise is awful."

Austere says to Snaek, "It isn't exercise when it's necessity."

Trystan asks, "And walking is exercise?"

Austere says to Snaek, "Field work is so riveting."

Snaek says to Draven, "I don't know that I did. I'm still catching up from being without net for 2 weeks."

Bocon asks Snaek, "You open to having people assist you with coding the game? Or is that something you are going to keep to you and aust?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "I've had others help in the past so I'm not against it, but it's a big deal to do."

Pyratherndar says to Bocon, "Your going to be in japan for 4 months remember."

Snaek says, "One of them left a project in the middle of their work and set us back big time."

Draven says to Snaek, "I suggested that you can potentially fix a lot of problems by adding rewards when you hit certain skill levels."

Snaek says, "Two of them actually."

Trystan cringes.

Bocon says, "Cause I'm pretty sure I know a few insanely good coders who wouldn't mind giving some help or support."

Snaek says to Draven, "That's basically our entire system."

Draven says to Snaek, "For example hitting level 50 with shield block would give you a bonus to your success cap."

Draven says to Snaek, "Im not sure if yoy."

Bocon says, "Yeah, I'm sure people leaqving projects is a crappy setback."

Draven says, "You can set different rewards fk."

Draven says, "For different classes."

Snaek says to Bocon, "It happens, but yes anytime someone has a RL issue come up it ends up creating more work to first understand what they were doing and then to finish it."

Draven says, "But it would essentially be a way to empower classes without a lot of utility."

Trystan asks Snaek, "Did you have more to share about the future?"

Bocon says to Snaek, "Understandable."

Bocon nods.

Pyratherndar says, "There were somethings that were happening some were big and some were little I can see the big one being put off a while but what about the littler one."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Not so much. The purpose of this was to explain our absence, reaffirm our commitment to the game, and to let you know how we want to move forward."

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "I'm glad you did I was really starting to freek out."

Snaek says, "There's been a lot of great questions but I'd prefer to keep the topic to a broader approach to the game succeeding than focusing on smaller tasks that don't address the larger issues."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Then thank you to both of you."

Trystan gestures at Austere.

Snaek says, "I should say this before you go."

Austere nods to Trystan.

Trystan listens to Snaek.

Snaek says, "I will be going around at night and speaking with many of you individually. Anyone who is interested in helping should email us at [email protected] and we can further explain what areas need your help."

Snaek says, "No application needed. I know who you are."

Bocon says, "DO YOU."

Draven says, "He is NSA."

Bocon says, "I am Trystan."

Trystan says, "OGA."

Bocon says, "And Blink."

Snaek says, "There are others who aren't here tonight who have also expressed a desire to help. I think with a little training we have the people needed to take this game forward."

Austere says, "We've had your emails for years."

Trystan says, "Just turn on the neon open sign."

Austere says to Trystan, "I wish it was that simple."

Snaek says, "My next break is 3/16 - 4/1. That time will be used to train new staff so we can get this thing rolling again."

Trystan says to Austere, "I think part of it is. Everything said tonight will help as well, but I'd still start with a firm 'launch date' again."

Bocon says, "Don't worry, you'll get more class design feedback for the remaining classes, regardless if you wanted it or not."

Bocon smiles.

Snaek says to Bocon, "I always read it."

Austere says to Trystan, "The dust is still settling from our moves and his school."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Just keep this in mind when you are discussing the classes:."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Yeah, I heard barbs got some new stuff."

Trystan asks Austere, "Can I have Bocon as my new tool?"

Draven says, "I forgot we still havent released the other class."

Snaek says, "I would always rather come up with new skills to balance classes than any other solution."

Bocon says to Trystan, "Only if you treat me rough bby."

Trystan beams at Bocon.

Austere says, "My hours have changed drastically, I'm in a timezone I had never heard of before."

Snaek says, "I don't want to weight skills differently or give bonuses to offset a weak class. Always more skills."

Trystan says to Bocon, "They'll hear your screams from three muds away."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Kk."

Draven asks Snaek, "Why is that easier?"

Bocon says to Trystan, "Sweet talker."

Snaek says to Draven, "It's not easier. I'm not looking for easy."

Snaek says, "I would rather balance by completing the classes as intended."

Belanna arrives from the west.

Belanna sits down.

Aruskin arrives from the west.

Snaek says, "There's room for ideas when it comes to utility skills."

Bocon says, "Cool with me."

Snaek says, "A challenge would be coming up with a trade skill idea for dragons."

Bocon says, "Hole digging."

Belanna asks, "Hot dog vender?"

Draven says to Snaek, "If classes excelled at certain skills in a noticable way it would be far more healthy for the game then saturating all the classes with skills that have little impact overall."

Draven removes a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.

Austere says, "Hello, new joiners."

Draven picks up Snaek and tosses him into the air!
The hard landing is a mild scratch!

Bocon exclaims, "OH! Erotic Tail Massage!"

Snaek stands up.

Draven says to Snaek, "My example."

Draven wields a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.

Snaek says to Draven, "An unfinished example. With a tact system that skill is far more useful."

Trystan says to Bocon, "That's an entirely different game."

Draven says, "Its also more efficent because if you have a finished skill and the changes arent working you can just roll it back."

Bocon says to Trystan, "RIP Dgate."

Trystan shakes his head from side to side to Bocon.

Trystan says to Bocon, "It's called Ring of Power."

Bocon chuckles.

Trystan winks at Bocon.

Bocon says, "I feel that you're 100% serious."

Trystan says to Bocon, "I always am."

Draven says, "Creating a new skill isnt so easy and it just puts a ton more work on you guys full plate."

Draven says, "By easy I mean effiecent."

Snaek says to Draven, "Any way you slice it is more work so if we're going to do it we should do it the right way."

Pyratherndar says, "But if we help take some of the work load off of what they are doing they will have the extra time to do it."

Bocon says, "It's easier for a lot of us to come up with new skills to help balance the RL to skills ratio issues as well."

Pyratherndar says, "There is more then one way to skin a Wyvern."

Snaek says, "The simple fact is some classes have less than others. I see no reason to address that any other way than giving them more."

Bocon nods to Snaek.

Bocon says, "Probably the easiest way."

Trystan says, "It's been fun."

Draven says to Snaek, "Or you could make the classes scale at certain skills much higher to compensate."

Snaek says, "For the late arrivals, there will be a full log of this up."

Trystan grins.

Snaek says, "In short we explained how life had other plans for the start of 2018 for us."

Trystan says, "Have fun all."

Trystan waves.

Trystan leaves west.

Draven says, "Somebodies bed time."

Austere says, "Mine too soon."

Belanna asks, "Let the dragons be the ones that make vig potions?"

Snaek says to Draven, "I hear what you're saying and I look forward to having the time to devote to the coding of the classes."

Austere says, "I'm ahead of GT, I see the sun before the gnomes."

Bocon asks Belanna, "How can they mix it?"

Bocon chuckles.

Snaek says, "But right now I have to address the bigger need for a change in RP direction to breathe life back into the game."

Belanna says to Bocon, "In their gut."

Draven says to Snaek, "Ok."

Bocon asks Belanna, "So they eat the stuff, then puke it out into a bottle?"

Bocon says, "I'm down."

Belanna says to Bocon, "Something to that affect, yes."

Belanna nods her head up and down.

Austere says to Bocon, "Dragon honey."

Radix says, "Ugh."

Draven says to Snaek, "I think the biggest problem is there is no large central antagonist."

Draven says to Snaek, "From a RP perspective."

Snaek says to Draven, "Now you're talking."

Aruskin ponders.

Aruskin says, "There's the ATC."

Austere says to Draven, "Mlesnas is going to turn your world upside-down."

Aruskin grins.

Bocon laughs.

Draven says, "We all have different religions but none of them have really conflict driven beliefs."

Snaek says to Draven, "That's the kind of thinking the game needs with people who have the tools to carry them out."

Austere says, "No one messes with the ATC for good reason."

Draven says, "You guys have a excellent opportunity to put a central villian in that wont require a large staff involvement."

Bocon says to Austere, "I dunno man, those pirates have been warring with them for like 6 years now."

Snaek says, "A lot of that is due to the size of the player base. Our Pyresians know how difficult it is to start conflict when there are only a few to be at odds with. Usually it means sacrificing your ability to hunt and RP with half the game."

Bocon snickers.

Draven says to Snaek, "Dgate had Taathians and races that practiced slavery and the like."

Pyratherndar says, "Goblins."

Austere says to Snaek, "So true, the vision for temple conflict isn't here yet."

Draven says to Snaek, "It created interesting conflict in the game that is g."

Pyratherndar says, "Some are slaves."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Yeah, that scuffle didn't work out so hot."

Draven says, "I think that it doesnt need to be religious."

Seren says to Draven, "There were a lot more people though."

Belanna says, "Looots more people."

Snaek says, "I've said it for awhile now, which is sad, but the lack of published history and lore is the biggest and most glaring issue. With that so much comes together regarding the things you are asking. It also gives players and staff more confidence in their RP and with creating within the bounds of that established lore."

Snaek says, "Many of you know the history as well as I do, but to a new player the feedback is usually about the lack of info on the website."

Draven says, "Just drop prirates."

Pyratherndar says, "I love to write."

Bocon says, "I love to bitch."

Bocon says, "Does that count."

Belanna says to Bocon, "In so many ways."

Draven says, "Pirates in have them pillage parts of the city and randomly spawn across the island."

Bocon chuckles.

Snaek says to Draven, "We'd love to do that and have some framework in place for it already when we set up the hobgoblins."

Seren says, "Or another thing like the ban'ghard tiger."

Pyratherndar says, "Aur why dont we cancel the land and sea tomorrow to give everyone a little time to breath."

Snaek exclaims to Seren, "The tiger is so much fun!"

Austere says, "Hobgoblins and pirates are today's nemeses, and let's not let gnomes off the hook."

Austere says, "Screw gnomes."

Seren says to Snaek, "I want a piece of him."

Draven says, "The tiger was an event."

Pyratherndar says to Seren, "That makes two of us."

Austere says, "Establishing time and all, no wonder we're always late to our events."

Draven says, "We have to create something that will draw conflict."

Snaek says to Draven, "You're on the right line of thinking though. Austere and I want to spend more time on creating these random events that make the world feel more alive. The kind of evens that don't require constant staff monitoring but allow staff to work along side to enhance them and make them feel unique."

Draven says, "But be attractive to the player to come in on either side."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "Why dont we cancel the land and sea tomorrow to give everyone a little time to breath, if it is ok with the two of you."

Bocon exclaims, "But what about my house?!"

Bocon gasps.

Belanna asks Bocon, "Um... the one we leased out?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "Sold it to Blink."

Draven says to Bocon, "I forgot where my house is."

Pyratherndar says to Draven, "I know where it is."

Bocon says to Snaek, "I would be pretty salty about that, lmao."

Snaek grins at Bocon.

Draven says to Snaek, "Putting some automation in the IC arena would be fun too."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Pyratherndar says, "I am just asking if it would be helpful."

Draven says to Snaek, "Like you pay a toll to go in and fight it out with someone you have a beef with."

Draven says, "Winner take all."

Bocon says, "But then assassin's would always win."

Bocon chuckles.

Draven says, "A legal way to kill each other."

Snaek says to Draven, "We've had a lot of the same thoughts over the last year. We started setting up more automated events like the opening and closing of festivals simply to elevate the demand on staff. That has to factor into everything we do now days."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "'Ya'll been stressed to your limits and all and it would give you time to do other things."

Draven says to Bocon, "Then dont duel assaains."

Snaek asks Austere, "Your schedule is still spotty for how long you think?"

Seren says to Draven, "The tiger is back by the way."

Bocon says to Draven, "That doesn't seem fun or fair."

Bocon chuckles.

Belanna says, "Did the ship cruises work out? I have never waited around to see if one would take off."

Snaek says, "The IC arena has a lot of uses. I'd love to put a player-written play in there as well."

Draven says to Snaek, "Biggest issue though you need a big baddy but not some evil overlord someone like the kings older brother shows up and says hes a rightful heir to the throne and starts a war."

Austere says to Snaek, "Actually, they posted next weeks schedule right before I left, but after they put the security stuff up. I tried getting a few pics of it at a crazy angle, let me look at the pics quick."

Snaek says to Draven, "Spooky."

Snaek says to Draven, "When we did the server switch we actually considered exactly that."

Draven says to Snaek, "The knights were good but again they were staff run charcters so it was limited."

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Re: 02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:02 pm

Snaek says, "Well, I guess I should summarize by saying we'll be speaking with most of you individually about the future of the game. It'll still take a month probably to get new staff set up before we resume any kind of normalcy."

Draven says to Snaek, "You should consider just making knights of PCs and not staff."

Aruskin ponders.

Aruskin leaves west.

Snaek says to Draven, "At risk of sounding like an ass, you should get involved in the IC world sometime. You'll find that some of these things are already out there."

Belanna says to Draven, "Step forward."

Pyratherndar says to Draven, "Its happening now."

Belanna grins at Draven.

Bocon says to Draven, "Hahahaha."

Pyratherndar says, "Let pyra inferno you one time."

Pyratherndar grins.

Draven says to Snaek, "Well to be fair I havent been playing much."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Man, that sounds familiar."

Pyratherndar says, "Much."

Snaek says to Draven, "That is fair, and I certainly don't want to discourage your ideas."

Draven says, "But my RP is isolationist anyway Im a tree worshiping hippy religion."

Snaek says to Draven, "With you and Bocon I expect mechanics. You've never been one I expect to hear much from on the RP front."

Bocon says to Draven, "Come RP with me in the OOC lounge man. We can be super good friends here."

Snaek says, "And that's fine. We take all kinds here."

Pyratherndar says, "I'm sorry but I have to head out."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "I'll be in touch this weekend if you're around."

Bocon says, "Much like an asian massage spa."

Pyratherndar says, "I do have a copy of this comversation to this point right now."

Draven says to Snaek, "I mostly play when I have down time when im at work. I use to RP a lot more in my free time."

Belanna says to Pyratherndar, "Have a good night."

Snaek grins at Bocon.

Pyratherndar hugs Belanna.

Austere says, "Wow, I can't see my name on the schedule due to the angle, but I think I am in the same slot, so 2nd from bottom of middle section..."

Pyratherndar says to Belanna, "You too."

Snaek says to Austere, "Or fired."

Pyratherndar hugs Snaek.

Pyratherndar hugs Austere.

Pyratherndar says, "Thank you for not giving up on your dreams."

Snaek says, "I tell ya one area where the biggest impact can be made is item design, and it requires zero code."

Pyratherndar says, "Or on us."

Snaek exclaims to Pyratherndar, "Never!"

Pyratherndar hugs Snaek again.

Pyratherndar says, "Ill hold you to that."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Draven says, "Like junk items."

Snaek says, "Like junk items."

Belanna says to Snaek, "If there is a framework for the format, it can be done."

Snaek says, "Once you learn how to make items, which is all done IG, you can easily update treasure."

Snaek says, "The recipes for crafting skills is also an easy area to work on."

Seren says, "Like cooking I'd suppose."

Snaek nods his head up and down to Seren.

Draven asks Snaek, "Monster drop is done from a loot table yes?"

Seren says, "Piece of cake."

Belanna grins at Seren.

Seren says, "And a pun."

Pyratherndar hugs Seren.

Seren smiles at Pyratherndar.

Pyratherndar hugs Bocon.

Bocon hugs Pyratherndar.

Snaek says to Draven, "Sortof, but that's one of the 3 main projects I'd like to focus on given the time to do it."

Pyratherndar says to Bocon, "Good to see ya again."

Pyratherndar hugs da.

Pyratherndar hugs Draven.

Pyratherndar hugs Radix.

Pyratherndar says, "Night."

Pyratherndar stands up.

Pyratherndar leaves west.

Snaek says, "A couple of months ago I started on the framework for treasure so we can incorporate seasonal treasure but I needed someone on item design to help and Saphira was in the middle of a move."

Bocon waves.

Draven says to Snaek, "If you can add a rare item drop table that would be cool just trash items but have high value might be cool."

Draven says, "I assume more than 1 table can be added."

Snaek says to Draven, "That's the idea. Right now each mob has their own table basically. Only a few hunting areas have a setup that shares the same framework. What I am developing applies to all the mobs in the game and we can easily make changes to it."

Draven says, "What happened to Saphria."

Snaek says, "But the items themselves is what we need. I hate to call it grunt work but it kind of is. The players are more than willing to provide item names or new recipes but there needs to be people who can implement those."

Belanna nods to Snaek.

Snaek says to Draven, "She's around, recently returned."

Snaek says, "She moved a couple of months ago though and it took awhile to get set up again."

Snaek says, "She's going to help with the training."

Draven says, "Let us know the parameters for the items and we could just email ides or even just post them."

Draven says, "Ie character limit how your adj and noun structure has to be etc."

Snaek says to Draven, "I've got ideas coming out of every opening. I'm past the idea stage. I need people who can implement these ideas."

Snaek says, "I can't conjure anymore spare time to do these things."

Draven says, "Oh gotcha."

Draven says, "So creating the items isnt as easy as copy paste."

Bocon says, "Spare time is the rarest treasure find."

Bocon chuckles.

Snaek says, "I could post tonight asking for treasure suggestions and get more than enough feedback to stay busy for a year, but I just don't have the time to make them and manage the IC world."

Snaek says to Draven, "Items can have a lot of properties."

Snaek says, "You can copy and modify, but it does take time."

Belanna says, "Container, edible, drinkable, wearable[with slot], health/poison, material, values..."

Belanna says, "Lots."

Belanna grins.

Draven says, "If you setup the command line of wbat has to be filled in tbe post."

Snaek says, "Item design has the biggest impact on the game though. Not just for making stuff for treasure and shops but it's an easy path to becoming a merchant and contributing to IC events."

Draven says, "People could post finised material that could be copied and pasted."

Snaek says to Draven, "Ideally in a month's time I'll have a few folks trained on how to make them and they can decide how best to take your ideas and make them reality."

Austere says, "So you know, you cannot simply copy and paste items, each will have entirely different values for many attributes."

Snaek says, "We do have an item matrix that takes care of most of the guess work, but players are always coming up with new requests."

Draven says, "I can make a mean stone king chess piece."

Snaek grins at Draven.

Austere says, "Unless you're comparing a red kite to a green kite..."

Draven drops a pile of marble.

Draven starts sculpting something.

Draven is sculpting something.

Snaek says, "It's all simple stuff with a lot of repetition, but it is noticeable right away when you introduce new items to the game. Nothing else has that kind of time vs reward factor."

Draven is done sculpting a marble king chess piece.

Draven gets a marble king chess piece.

Draven gives a marble king chess piece to Snaek.

Snaek tries to eat a marble king chess piece.

Snaek says, "Solid work."

Belanna asks Draven, "Did you just castle?"

Draven drops a pile of stone.

Draven starts sculpting something.

Draven is sculpting something.

Draven is done sculpting a small stone human statuette.

Snaek says, "If there is a silver lining to the inactivity, the game had been up and running without interruption for 41 days prior to last night."

Austere says to Draven, "I confess, I copied all the chess pieces some half a dozen years ago."

Draven gets a small stone human statuette.

Austere says, "We're much bigger than that now."

Snaek says, "Minutes after I texted Austere to brag I closed the live server by mistake instead of the test server."

Draven gives a small stone human statuette to Austere.

Belanna grins.

Draven says, "Looms just like you."

Draven says, "Homely and fat."

Draven stares.

Snaek says, "Anyway, I've been rambling for awhile now. I really appreciate you all showing up and continuing to care about the game."

Draven says to Snaek, "No problem."

Snaek says, "There's still details to work out but I really am optimistic about where you guys can take us."

Draven says to Snaek, "You want to grow the player base you should consider your advertising."

Austere pokes a small stone human statuette and makes it walk up and down tall hills for a mile on the way to work.

Belanna asks, "Take an add out in AARP?"

Snaek says to Draven, "Honestly I just want to provide the home we all want it to be and it's time to stop closely guarding it and let you all in on the fun."

Draven says to Snaek, "Wonder if you can get on steam."

Austere says to Belanna, "Nice."

Snaek says to Draven, "With a custom interface we can get on steam."

Draven says to Snaek, "There is your golden ticket."

Austere says to Draven, "It is definitely part of the plan."

Snaek says to Draven, "That's why I'm in school."

Snaek says, "We will have one and that is honestly the day when the game takes its biggest leap. Then it's no longer just for an experienced MUD player."

Austere exclaims to Draven, "Where were you before Steam 10 years ago?!"

Snaek says, "After Java I will take C# which is what I'd probably use to design that. Then it can be on PC and Mac."

Austere says to Draven, "Steam has been around for at least 15 years, so it isn't solely your fault."

Draven says, "Woops."

Austere says to Snaek, "C#? I think that's for smoking."

Snaek nods to Draven.

Snaek says to Austere, "Smoking hot user interfaces."

Austere says, "Sounds gui."

Draven says, "Well whatever you make I hope it has button sets for movement."

Belanna says to Snaek, "C# is not hard, if you have any familiarity with object oriented programing."

Draven says, "I cant stand programing."

Draven says, "One wrong character and you fucked everything up."

Snaek says, "It is a realistic idea though that will happen."

Draven removes a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.

Snaek says, "Those kinds of ideas require me to focus on them for long lengths of time without the interruption of IC events though, which is why we're turning to the players."

Aruskin arrives from the west.

Belanna says, "Well sign me up."

Draven says to Bocon, "Grappeling is the only skill that gets past staff hit/miss rolls."

Draven picks up Snaek and tosses him into the air!
The hard landing is a mild scratch!

Snaek says, "I will be making the rounds all weekend to talk to players."

Snaek opens his mouth wide, unhinging his lower jaw.
Snaek stands up.

Snaek eats the last of Draven.

Aruskin ponders.

Bocon exclaims, "Draven interesting!"

Snaek's jaw snaps back into place.

Bocon chuckles.

Aruskin says, "Oh, I have a suggestion for a simple command that might enliven parts of the game."

Snaek listens to Aruskin.

Draven attempts to mend his wounds.

Aruskin asks, "Anyone from DGate remember pouncing?"

Draven attempts to mend his wounds.

Draven stands up.

Draven chuckles.

Belanna says to Aruskin, "Yes."

Draven says, "That was new."

Aruskin says, "Command is just pounce target."

Draven sits down.

Draven attempts to mend his wounds.

Snaek asks Aruskin, "Pounce is the key to success?"

Bocon says, "Yeah, I remember sexians using it to flirt with people."

Belanna groans at Bocon.

Aruskin says, "Result is either the pounce is successful and the target lands on his butt, or it is unsuccessful, and you land on your butt."

Austere says to Aruskin, "Added it, removed it, tough to allow one to tackle another unprovoked."

Belanna prays to Pyrous, delivering a light healing touch to Draven.

Draven says to Bocon, "To each there own."

Draven stands up.

Kaiah arrives from the west.

Austere says to Draven, "You about died in there."

Snaek says to Austere, "It has been awhile though. We could probably better account for the issues now."

Aruskin says to Austere, "I never saw it used in combat in DG."

Draven wields a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.

Austere wrinkles its nose at Snaek's stomach.

Draven says to Austere, "If died you mean 132hp."

Aruskin says to Austere, "Its a comedy command."

Bocon says to Aruskin, "I would rather not see something else a beat race is the best at, since they are already the ebst race for 99% of everything atm."

Bocon says, "Beast."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "I'm sure we can slip that in with an update."

Austere says to Draven, "I wasnt' watching, I just know."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "It isn't a skill, just a way to get a few laughs."

Draven says to Bocon, "We make shitty mages."

Austere says, "Stomach's can churn."

Bocon says to Draven, "No, you dont."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "Watch as the sylph pounces the gavial, and the gavial falls down."

Bocon says, "Unless there's been an update, there's no magic mod still."

Belanna says to Aruskin, "That should never happen."

Austere says to Aruskin, "I'm sure one of the reasons why we undid that work."

Aruskin says to Belanna, "That's what makes it funny."

Draven says, "There is."

Aruskin says to Austere, "Set it up to work only in TC."

Kaiah says, "Jesus, I AM drunk. I'm agreeing with Bocon."

Snaek chuckles at Kaiah.

Draven says, "Its based off stats."

Bocon says, "Which is a massive issue. But I'll leave that alone right now."

Aruskin shrugs.

Austere says, "Sounds like a lot of effort for a ton of checks against races, weights, and heights for a RP command."

Draven says, "Gavials are dumb and low on wisdom."

Snaek says to Austere, "Flying or not."

Aruskin says to Austere, "Its random, no checks needed."

Snaek says, "Seated or not."

Draven says, "Both are modifiers."

Draven says, "Plus we have lower starting stam to offset the high hp."

Snaek says to Austere, "No worse than a bunch of other emotes I'm sure."

Draven says, "So we deal less damage because our pool is smaller."

Snaek says, "The only real negative to large races is they regen stamina slower."

Austere says to Aruskin, "We didnt' make a game like that."

Draven says to Snaek, "Our stamina pools are smaller."

Aruskin says to Austere, "It is supposed to be a completely harmless act."

Bocon says, "No, they are not."

Bocon chuckles.

Aruskin rolls his eyes.

Snaek says, "I shouldn't say slower, they regen a lower amount."

Bocon says, "Stam regen is pretty decent now though, so that was a great change."

Austere says to Aruskin, "I hear ya, just stating why we didn't pursue that ability."

Aruskin says to Austere, "Command, not ability."

Austere nods to Aruskin.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "It is, but I think what he means is there's just a lot of to account for. You need to know what your current position vs your target is and set each person accordingly after success/failure. Check for combat, check for size vs target, and so on."

Austere says, "I would be more apt to allow one to pounce as long as only the pouncer is lying on the ground afterward."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Or make the chance of success completely random."

Snaek says, "It's not your typical smile emote that only requires that you be awake."

Austere exclaims, "But with this new direction, you can all trump me now!"

Austere chuckles.

Draven says to Bocon, "Lower base dr."

Draven says to Bocon, "Which is fairly important for a mage especially early."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "It's a good idea though. Anything that contributes to keeping players engaged and not totally dependent on staff interaction is worth pursuing."

Draven says to Bocon, "Since gavials only spell race is templar tb."

Bocon says to Draven, "Lower base Dr means almost nothing when RL rules everything atm."

Draven says, "The lower regen makes it pretty painful."

Aruskin ponders.

Bocon says, "The new regen rates are good."

Draven says, "What is RL."

Bocon says, "Religious Level."

Belanna says, "Religious level."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "You keep saying that, I'm never sure exactly what you mean."

Snaek says, "RL is not a term we use anymore."

Belanna asks, "Whats the official term now?"

Kaiah says, "Really? I use RL all the time."

Snaek says, "CL, or character level."

Bocon says, "CL, kk."

Bocon nods.

Draven says to Bocon, "Thats not true."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "I've found that I'm a bit harder to hit than, say, Pyra, ever with a lower CL."

Snaek says, "It's better it isn't thought of as being strictly tied to your religion."

Draven says, "Character level doesnt scale you DR or AR that much."

Bocon says to Aruskin, "If you'd like to post your test and results, it would be great."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Easier to say what you are aiming for, though. Favor of the God or Goddess."

Belanna says, "Templers combat vigour prayer really is helpful though."

Bocon says, "Cause most of our testing says the opposite."

Draven says, "Otherwise I would be able to hunt trogs with just bite."

Snaek says, "And yes, it has a huge impact, more than we ever wanted. That is part of the issue with melee combat and where I want to focus my efforts so that AR/DR have more of a say."

Kaiah says, "Gonna have to admit to trying out a gavial templar before deleting. there wasn't really anything painful about it."

Kaiah says, "I'd be genuinely scared of Geel if he were a templar."

Bocon asks, "Bite is wonky atm though?"

Kaiah leans on Geel.

Draven says, "Damage not hit rolls."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "Just an eye test, but I've hunted with her dozens of times. She's somewhat more vulnerable to being hit than I am. However, the RL diff is only six or seven over that time."

Bocon says to Aruskin, "6 Or 7 CL is a big deal."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "Yeh, I'm just saying we're not talking 15 or so."

Austere says, "I'm scared of Geel now."

Kaiah says to Austere, "Weenie."

Bocon says, "Even a 2 CL difference has shown to produce huge varying results between people. Especially when it comes to crits."

Draven says, "The only advantage bite has is you cant parry bite."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "And my DR is way higher than her's, so I'm sure it is more effecient to max out RL than work on raising DR."

Snaek says to Austere, "He's a master of creating fear without having to flex his muscles."

Bocon nods to Aruskin.

Snaek says, "No one ever actually sees Geel do anything but they all know not to mess with him."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "My only point is, DR does seem to have some effect."

Bocon says, "Yeah."

Bocon says, "Pummel and hogtie is GG."

Bocon chuckles.

Draven says to Bocon, "Crits have a independent roll as far as I know."

Aruskin ponders.

Belanna asks Draven, "Depends on your luck stat?"

Bocon says to Draven, "Pretty sure CL has a lot to do with them as well as stats."

Aruskin asks Snaek, "Oh, there's a point. Why do mages and clerics get crits?"

Bocon asks, "Clerics get crits?"

Draven says to Bocon, "Crits seem to have t."

Snaek asks Aruskin, "Why shouldn't they?"

Aruskin says to Bocon, "I assumed as much, I know mages do."

Draven says, "The mkst."

Kaiah says, "I crit."

Draven says, "Most impact fro."

Belanna says, "I crit."

Bocon says, "I mean, I think Snaek gave level 100 healing a psudo crit."

Draven says, "From cl."

Belanna says, "With both prayer and blade."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "As I understand it, mage damage is much tighter than melee damage, and they are almost assured of hitting with their attack spells."

Kaiah says, "I've landed crit punches."

Bocon says to Belanna, "Not with heals though."

Seren says, "Some things resist."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "And their spells do as much, if not more, damage than do melee attacks."

Belanna says to Bocon, "That is not offencive though."

Draven says to Bocon, "Magic doesnt have a hit miss rate."

Bocon exclaims to Belanna, "Says you!"

Aruskin says to Snaek, "They don't need crits."

Belanna grins at Bocon.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "They do more damage, but they aren't really all that tight in the damage range."

Belanna says to Bocon, "Let me heal undead and I will agree."

Bocon exclaims to Belanna, "Yeah!"

Snaek says to Aruskin, "They are where they need to be. It's melee that is lacking."

Bocon nods to Snaek.

Aruskin shrugs.

Draven says to Snaek, "Against monsters or players."

Aruskin says, "I'd suggest that is an easy way to redress the imbalance until melee is fixed."

Snaek says, "Melee - weapons, naturals, and ranged all require a boost to get to where mages are at."

Bocon says, "Mages are in a pretty good spot atm. It makes them look OP, when the real issue is bringing melee up to par."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Exactly right."

Bocon says, "And priests need real utility and a group heal or a HoT."

Snaek says, "Mages have been far more dominant in the past."

Draven says to Snaek, "Magic rolls dont have ar v dr check."

Snaek says to Draven, "No, they wouldn't."

Bocon says to Draven, "We suggested there be a way to block spells or resist more."

Draven says, "I would argue magic is the problem and not melee dmg."

Aruskin says to Draven, "Agreed."

Bocon says, "Or make melee damage more punishing, since they can be blocked."

Draven says, "Magic is too consistant and should have to pass a hit miss roll."

Draven says, "Not sure if its possible or not at this point."

Aruskin says to Bocon, "Want clerics to have utility, don't let mages self-renew."

Belanna asks, "What is the difference between a miss and a fizzled spell/prayer though?"

Draven says, "Probably the same difference between a missed and fumble melee attack."

Aruskin ponders.

Bocon chuckles.

Aruskin says, "There are no fumbles for melee attacks."

Belanna says, "So prayers/spells don't always it."

Draven pummels Aruskin with a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.
Aruskin is knocked unconscious!

Belanna says, "Hit."

Snaek says, "I'd like to see more from spell resists. There are full resists but most are partials and don't have a big enough of a damage reduction."

Draven says, "Sure there are."

Aruskin regains his composure.
Aruskin stands up.

Bocon says to Belanna, "The difference, is that shield block is a flat 30% chance. you don't have that high of a fizzle chance."

Snaek says, "There are fumbles, you just don't see a fumble message."

Bocon says, "Unless plague is still broken."

Bocon snickers.

Snaek says to Bocon, "Plague is not broken."

Draven says to Snaek, "Does armor not offer protection against magic."

Bocon exclaims to Snaek, "Good to hear!"

Belanna says to Bocon, "20 To 25% is what I was seeing when checking."

Belanna nods to Bocon.

Snaek says to Draven, "It does."

Draven says to Snaek, "Personally I tbe."

Bocon says to Belanna, "Cause I never fail that many spells, but I sure do block a lot of melee."

Bocon says, "I believe that crits bypass armor protections."

Belanna exclaims to Bocon, "But you are a master prayerer!"

Bocon says to Belanna, "And in time, you will be too."

Aruskin says to Belanna, "Say that three times fast."

Snaek says, "I'm going to have to cut this short unfortunately. The log will be up tomorrow night so everyone can review anything they missed."

Draven says to Snaek, "Personally the way I see it a spell can miss just like a melee or ranged weapon."

Bocon waves.

Draven says to Snaek, "Ok thanks for the meet."

Snaek says to Draven, "I don't disagree."

Belanna says to Snaek, "Thank you for having a meeting."

Draven waves.

Bocon says, "There are a lot of balance issues atm, but hopefully the new staff will allow Aust and Snaek to focus on that."

Draven pummels Bocon with a short well-balanced argenite claw hammer.
Bocon is knocked unconscious!

Snaek says to Bocon, "Fingers crossed."

Draven leaves west.

Radix leaves west.

Belanna says to Bocon, "Nightnight."

Bocon stands up.
Snaek secures Bocon by the arms and legs with some thick ropes.

Belanna giggles.

Bocon regains his composure.

Aruskin leaves west.

Bocon says, "Still better than god poison perma stun."

Seren says, "Snake yes thanks for the info."

Bocon snickers.

Belanna stands up.

Seren says, "Night."

Seren leaves west.

Snaek says, "Bare with me through the 16th of March. I look forward to getting us back on track then."

Kaiah says, "Looks like I'll be doing some reading."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Thanks for doing this."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Snaek says, "We're all in this together. I will be around all weekend talking to players."

Bocon says, "LIKE A BIG FAMILY."

Snaek grins at Bocon.

Bocon asks, "Will you talk dirty to me?"

Belanna leaves west.

Snaek asks Bocon, "Whoa, what kind of family are you from?"

Austere floats west.

Bocon says, "Just whisper "class balance" and "delete assassins" into my ear."

Geel stands up.

Geel stretches.

Snaek laughs.

Geel says, "Good night."

Austere floats in from the west.

Geel leaves west.

Bocon exclaims, "Night!"

Snaek salutes.

Snaek attempts to untie Bocon.

Bocon manages to escape his restraints.

Austere struggles to resist the attack.
Snaek exhales a breath of crepitating lightning at Austere.
The attack is a powerful strike.

Austere frowns.

Snaek says to Austere, "You looked like you needed a spark."

Bocon chuckles.

Austere says, "A hammer to knock me out..."

Kaiah leaves west.

Snaek says to Austere, "I got a nice warm place you can relax."

Snaek opens his mouth wide, unhinging his lower jaw.

Austere salutes with an eyestalk.

Austere floats west.

Snaek says, "Bah, too big to eat."

Snaek shakes his fist.

Bocon chuckles.

Snaek's jaw snaps back into place.

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Re: 02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by Forhekset » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:34 am

Awesome post.

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Re: 02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by AriDaelius » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:52 pm

Good to read this. Maybe I'll come back. I really like the world and the people but the lack of activity and playerbase was just a downer. Also, though I know I'm recent to playing, let me know if there's anything I can help with.

pof Ari

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Re: 02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by Snaek » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:18 am

Thanks for the consideration. We've recently taken on new staff and are getting them up to speed now so we can get the world spinning again. I know you are not the only one who has stopped due to inactivity. It's our foremost concern and we are making some major adjustments to address that.

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Re: 02/17/18 Coffee With Creators

Post by Honesty » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:30 pm

Snaek wrote:Thanks for the consideration. It's our foremost concern and we are making some major adjustments
I was wondering, Snaek, considering things. While external media seems to be your primary focus of advertisement, do you also intend to become more engaged on the forum as well? Wholly, I mean to say. I am wondering how open you are to anything, really..

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