04/02/14 Thieves, Assassins & Scouts

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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04/02/14 Thieves, Assassins & Scouts

Post by Austere » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:19 pm

We were finally able to locate this log, sorry about the delay in posting it!

Seryth waves at Snaek.

Seryth waves at Austere.

Austere says, "Hello."

Seryth says, "Hi there."

An overweight spider-man asks Austere, "How did you get in here without a pass?"

Seryth says to an overweight spider-man, "Good question."

Seryth squints at Austere.

Austere says to Seryth, "I came in the back way."

An overweight spider-man says, "Good turn out."

Austere nods.

Austere chuckles.

Seryth says to an overweight spider-man, "I'm all the Assassin community needs."

Seryth beams.

Seryth says, "Like a figurehead, but better looking."

Wren arrives from the west.

Wren waves.

A town crier shouts in the distance, "Calling all thieves, assassins, scouts, cutthroats, rogues, con artists, and any who get ahead in life through the art of deception. THere's a meeting starting in the OOC Convention Center starting in 5 minutes. Bring questions, leave your daggers."

Seryth waves at Wren.

Wren says, "Sup guys."

Seryth asks Wren, "Chillin'. You?"

Snaek says, "Plots and schemes."

Snaek removes a crude bone dagger.

Snaek fidgets.

Wren gasps at Snaek.

Wren says to Snaek, "I didn't see anything."

Wren winks.

Morley arrives from the west.

Snaek slips Wren a few doubloons for her silence.

Wren nods to Snaek discreetly.

Visyn arrives from the west.

Wren waves at Visyn.

Visyn salutes.

Snaek waves.

Morley squints at Visyn.

Austere hovers.

Blink arrives from the west.

Snaek says to Blink, "Yikes."

Requiem arrives from the south.

Morley says, "You had to say con artist."

Blink nods to Snaek.

Wren shrieks at Blink.

Morley glances at Blink.

Blink says to Snaek, "Whoah."

Snaek grins.

Blink says, "No I'm a thief."

Blink says, "I was convicted of theft."

Snaek says, "That gets you into the club."

Blink says, "Neat."

Wren squints at Blink.

Blink asks, "When do I get a disguise kit?"

Moxan arrives from the south.

Blink applies makeup to his face.

Snaek waves at Moxan.

Morley says, "No, first he must steal an arrow from Visyn's quiver without being seen."

Wren says to Blink, "You get some plastic glasses with a fake mustache attached to it. Nothing more."

Moxan salutes.

Moxan says to Snaek, "Thanks."

The wall of Fire surrounding Moxan dissipates.

Moxan sits down.

Visyn grins.

Blink gets a widely grinning leather human mask from a silver-buckled leather satchel.

Blink puts on a widely grinning leather human mask.

Seryth flails his arms.

Seryth says to Blink, "Gross."

Blink says, "It's my lawyer mask."

Wren says, "Silence of the Laaaambs."

Seryth asks, "Or is it a leather mask OF a human? Not a mask MADE out of human..?"

Blink says, "It's Saul from Breaking Bad."

Moxan says, "Oops? better call saul."

Wren says, "Ahhh I love Saul."

Moxan nods knowingly.

Blink says, "Yeah he got his own show."

Moxan nods.

Wren says, "I know, can't wait to see it."

Visyn asks, "The Saul show?"

Moxan says to Visyn, "Better call saul I believe."

Visyn asks, "Is it like Montel?"

Blink says, "Yep."

Blink says, "That's it."

Blink asks, "Montel? The talk show?"

Moxan says, "I get that all the time."

Kaiah arrives from the west.

Wren dances with Kaiah.

Austere gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Kaiah pants.

Austere takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Moxan gets serious and stares at the camera a bit too long.

Moxan says, "I am... awake."

Pithus arrives from the south.

Morley exclaims to Kaiah, "YOU!"

Blink gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Kaiah exclaims to Morley, "ME!"

Visyn glances at an oblong tin trough.

Blink asks, "Warm. Am I in Germany?"

Morley says, "Someone put in pounce and tackle."

Moxan nods to Morley.

Blink says to Morley, "I agree."

Kaiah nods her head up and down to Morley.

Morley pounces Kaiah.

Austere says to Blink, "It sits out all year long."

Wren says, "God, please no."

Kaiah says, "Ohjesus."

Blink nods to Austere.

Blink takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Morley tackles Wren.

Kaiah says, "I keep trying to tackle things, and I can't."

Wren slaps Morley.

Blink says, "I'd make it an unarmed move really."

Blink says, "Not the automatic stuff."

Blink says, "That's just dumb."

Wren says to Morley, "You can't assault me. I'm all important and stuff."

Blink asks himself, "Tackling and pouncing?"

Kaiah says to Blink, "Then you'd just bounce off."

Blink says, "Doesn't make much sense."

Blink tackles Kaiah, but bounces off.

Blink lies down.

Kaiah flexes.

A sneak thief darts by you quickly, leaving a note in your pocket that reads, "Assassins, Thieves, and Scouts are being discussed in the OOC convention center right now. All are welcome."

Visyn crushes Blink under his boot.

Wren says, "I can't help imagining Blink tackling someone and breaking on impact."

Blink shrieks.

Blink stands up.

Blink says, "Oh that's how he'll turn to mist finally."

Morley says, "If it goes by weight, he will."

Snaek says, "We'll add tackle once we get the weight formula down."

Blink nods to Snaek.

Moxan says, "Sweep the leg."

Wren asks Snaek, "Weight formula?"

Visyn says to Wren, "Ensure."

Blink says, "South beach diet."

Wren snorts at Visyn.

Blink nods to Wren.

Kaiah says, "Slimfast."

Seryth says to Wren, "You're throwing off their calculations."

Snaek says, "Making sure fatty mcgee stays upright when skinny mcdoogle tries to tackle him."

Morley says, "Bulimia."

Kaiah grins at Snaek.

Wren laughs at Snaek.

Blink says, "Oh ther'es my new surname."

Snaek says, "We'll get started in just a few moments."

Wren nods.

Wren says, "I have my trusty list ready."

Visyn asks, "So we're all here to talk about Scouts, right?"

Snaek grins.

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Scouts honor."

Snaek raises his hand.

Blink says, "Scouts don't exist."

Visyn says, "Thank you everyone for coming."

Wren asks Visyn, "Who are you, again?"

Kaiah says, "Wren's got my list."

Wren squints at Visyn.

Blink says, "He's the guy that betrayed the assassins."

Kaiah says, "I might have another, but it's also entirely possible the cat found and ate it."

Wren says, "Then he shall die."

Visyn rolls his eyes.

Blink says, "Just when assassins were going to dominate the world."

Wren exclaims to Visyn, "En garde!"

Visyn exclaims to Wren, "Whatever-someone-with-a-bow says in response to that!"

Wren says to Blink, "We should be dominating the world. Without anyone realizing it."

Wren says to Visyn, "... Touche."

A tiny golden thread sparkles in the light as Soigne lurks down from her web.

A strong gust of wind passes through as Anselm rolls in, stopping in front of you.

Moxan blinks.

Wren blinks at Soigne.

Blink says, "Freaky."

Wren says to Soigne, "Well hello! You're a new face. I think."

Soigne blinks at an overweight spider-man of her eight eyes at once.

Soigne pets an overweight spider-man.

Soigne exclaims, "Salutations!"

An overweight spider-man poses for a picture.

Moxan says, "Reminds me of charlottes web."

Moxan says, "Some pig."

Blink chuckles.

Snaek grins.

Soigne cackles.

Soigne asks, "Where's my piggy?"

Moxan asks, "Don't remember the other words humble?"

Wren points at Morley.

Moxan chuckles.

Soigne says to Moxan, "Terrific."

Kaiah snickers.

Anselm removes the queen of hearts.

Soigne says to Moxan, "T double E double R double I double C C C."

Moxan gasps.

Moxan says to Soigne, "Pretty impressive top of ur head."

Wren peers at Pithus.

Soigne says to Moxan, "Let's pretend I didn't forget F,F,I."

Seryth says to Soigne, "You did a teric job."

Soigne beams at Seryth.

Snaek says, "Before we begin, there's a couple of new faces. Stand up and embarrass yourself in front of the crowd if this is your first fight club."

Soigne says to Snaek, "You're breaking like nine rules of fight club right now."

Snaek fidgets.

Snaek punches himself in the face.

Soigne waves several legs at everyone.

Moxan winces.

Blink chuckles.

Moxan says, "Tyler duratn syndrome."

Blink removes a short ebony-handled steel dirk.

Blink attacks Visyn with a sharp elbow.
The attack misses.

Morley asks, "Duratn?"

Wren chortles at Blink.

Soigne says, "I am Soigne! I work on world building, lore and scenarios."

Visyn removes a long ebony-handled serrated steel dagger.

Blink blocks Visyn's attack with a snarling bear-carved persarium targe!

Visyn snorts.

Blink ducks.

Snaek squints.

Snaek says, "Save it for later guys."

Soigne glares at Visyn.

Visyn leaves east.

Wren says to Soigne, "Nice to finally meet ya, then."

Anselm flies east.

Soigne creeps east.

Visyn arrives from the east.

Anselm flies in from the east.

Soigne creeps in from the east.

Soigne says to Wren, "I just crawled out of my websac."

Moxan beams at Soigne.

Soigne pets a glistening golden orbweaver websac.

Anselm furrows its brow at a glistening golden web within twigs.

Wren asks Soigne, "Congrats?"

Wren chuckles.

Seryth says to Soigne, "I'm happy to see the staff growing."

Seryth smiles.

Snaek asks, "Our new orbweaver comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in these games, so anything she says goes. There's no trying to play the new card with her. Everyone understands?"

Wren tilts her head to the side.

Soigne clicks her mandibles hungrily at Seryth.

Blink asks, "What about the tourist card?"

Snaek says to Blink, "You do so at your own risk."

Kaiah says, "Never thought that'd be an issue. Sure."

Wren says to Seryth, "Better start carrying bug repellent."

Blink says, "I don't know any better. I'm just a lost tourist."

Wren snorts at Blink.

Snaek fidgets.

Snaek chortles.

Chierr arrives from the west.

Wren waves at Chierr.

Blink greets Chierr.

Chierr smiles at Wren.

Wren exclaims to Chierr, "Hey you!"

Snaek asks Austere, "Is there still a command in place for getting stuck falling?"

Austere says, "There is."

Snaek asks Austere, "Can you let them know what it is?"

Austere says, "I will do so."

Snaek glances around.

Snaek asks, "Anyone else new to Shattered Isles I missed?"

Wren glances at Pithus.

Pithus says, "Define new."

Visyn says, "Just jaise an eyebrow hand if you are."

Visyn says, "*Raise."

Wren laughs at Visyn.

Morley raises an eyebrow.

Moxan chuckles.

Blink chuckles.

Moxan says, "Or howl do I talk."

Snaek says, "There's a HAND command, for anyone still stuck in that old trap."

Wren raises her hand.

Wren beams.

Blink says, "Oh I didn't know that."

Morley raises his hand.

Blink raises his hand.

Blink says, "I always use emote."

Seryth says, "I'm sure I'll still do it. Old habits."

Wren says, "Me too."

Seryth grimaces.

Snaek says, "Now you know."

Snaek asks, "Let's begin then, shall we?"

Anselm says, "There is also AGREE or DISAGREE for those of you who keep attempting to use NOD NO or NOD YES. This allows you to add emotes on afterwards."

Visyn says to Anselm, "Thank you."

Anselm nods to Visyn.

Morley shakes his head from side to side.

Blink shakes his head from side to side with his tongue out.

Wren scoots away from Blink.

Snaek asks, "What would you like to do first, hear about upcoming features to your classes, or tell us existing problems that are driving you mad?"

Wren ponders.

Seryth says, "Features. Might curb complaints if we hear there are things in the works."

Kaiah nods to Seryth.

Seryth says, "It might address some of the questions as well."

Wren nods to Seryth.

Meder materializes through a puff of red smoke.

Snaek nods.

Snaek says, "Fair enough."

Wren blinks at Meder.

Snaek says, "By now you should all know how closely related these three classes are."

Snaek says, "Assassins are the most offensive, thieves the most defensive, and scouts a hybrid of the two."

Snaek says, "Try not to think of defensive solely in terms of dodge, shield, and parry."

Snaek says, "There's two main skill domains coming up that will better define the role of each. These being Traps and Poisons."

Snaek says, "Poisoning will be the first to go in, likely this month."

Snaek says, "It has a few components to it. Apothecary, which is your skill for mixing poisons."

Seryth asks, "An Assassin only skill?"

Seryth raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says, "Arcanists will have it as well when they are unlocked."

Wren says to Seryth, "Assassin and Arcanist, I believe."

Wren nods.

Seryth nods.

Snaek says, "The poisons you make can then be applied with a separate skill that assassins and thieves can use."

Snaek says, "Maybe scouts too. We haven't quite narrowed that down yet."

Snaek says, "You can apply a poison to a weapon, drink, or food."

Wren raises her hand.

Austere says, "It's a bit of a team effort to poison someone."

Moxan whistles.

Snaek says, "It definitely is between arcanists and thieves, both of which can only follow itzal."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Wren asks Snaek, "How will it work if someone were to look at the food or drink in question? Would the poison be concealed?"

Snaek nods to Wren.

Wren grins.

Kaiah asks, "Off topic, but will wine ever be not 'poison'?"

Kaiah grins.

Blink says, "Time to go on a diet."

Wren snorts at Kaiah.

Snaek says to Wren, "However, scouts can detect poison."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Priests too."

Wren snaps her fingers.

Blink says, "Oh good you can verify the poison you buy then."

Snaek says, "Plus priests can cure poison. Not just on a person but they can turn wine into water."

Blink asks, "What about durations?"

Wren says, "And effects."

Snaek says, "The effects are a work in progress. What we are going to do is start by giving you the apothecary skill with only a few poisons to mix. More are unlocked as you advance, similar to cooking."

Wren squeals.

Snaek says, "We'll be adding more as we come up with ideas or players submit good ones for us."

Snaek asks, "Has anyone ever had poison ivy in the game?"

Wren asks Snaek, "May we know the current ideas, so as not to suggest ones already being considered?"

Wren says to Snaek, "Yes! Sadly."

Visyn says, "Yeah."

Kaiah says, "Yeah, Wren gave it to me."

Blink nods.

Kaiah scowls at Wren.

Snaek says, "The effects are similar in the way they display."

Wren gapes at Kaiah.

Austere could sure go for some poison ivy right about now.

Anselm says, "At least it wasn't syphilis."

Snaek laughs at Austere.

Wren chortles at Anselm.

Soigne shudders.

Soigne exclaims, "Or spider bites!"

Kaiah smirks.

Anselm glances at Soigne.

Austere says, "Good thing poison ivy isn't addictive."

Wren says to Austere, "No, but those damn cigars are."

Soigne asks Austere, "Don't wanna roll around in the woods like an animal for a fix?"

Snaek says to Wren, "To start, you'll have some pretty basic stuff that lowers stats."

Snaek says, "Pretty much any stat can work with this."

Austere says to Soigne, "Not my gig. I'm a hoverer."

Snaek says, "More advanced poisons will do actual damage, pulsing with each display."

Wren asks Snaek, "So there will be stat-specific potions to start? As in one to reduce strength, one con, etc?"

Wren says, "Er, poisons."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Snaek says, "Or your AR/DR."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Blink asks, "Can you reduce someone to an invalid?"

Snaek says, "Resistances to things."

Morley says, "Paralyzation."

Snaek says, "Some races are naturally more resistant to poisons as well, so you'll have to take that into account when you try and poison someone."

Snaek says to Morley, "That and slow are options as well."

Kaiah beams.

Visyn says, "Inability to speak."

Wren beams at Snaek.

Wren says to Visyn, "For Blink."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Not impossible."

Visyn nods to Wren.

Wren grins at Visyn wickedly.

Blink mutters.

Kaiah snickers.

Morley says, "Put it in the milk."

Blink says, "OH like BA's milk on the A team."

Snaek says to Blink, "Fitting for an airmage."

Visyn says, "Also inability to hear."

Wren asks Snaek, "When applied to a weapon, how long does it remain on it? Until the target is affected?"

Blink says, "Yeah except BA hated planes."

Blink says, "Murdach fits a lot better. Howling Mad Murdach."

Wren asks, "Oh, and will they be usable during combat?"

Snaek says to Wren, "It fades pretty quickly. I'll have to look and see if there's a timed duration or if it wears off after making contact. I dont believe you can strike more than one target with the same applied poison."

Visyn raises his hand.

Wren says to Snaek, "Right-o."

Snaek says to Wren, "Most likely not. It's something you'd apply before a fight, but I'm not ruling it out completely. We'll see how that part plays out."

Blink asks Snaek, "Can you make permanent consumables though?"

Wren says to Snaek, "I only ask in the case of multiple targets, poisoning one may not do a whole lot, for example."

Snaek says, "It'll stay on the food or drink until used, or until we reboot the game. Right now the effects dont save through a restart."

Blink says, "Nice."

Wren whistles.

Blink says, "I was wondering where the promised suicide poison went."

Snaek says to Wren, "Might want to preload a couple of blades."

Visyn says, "Will there be poisons that have some positive effects but come with some significant side effects? Basically, drugs."

Wren says to Snaek, "Yeah, I definitely will."

Snaek says to Blink, "People throw promised around pretty loosely."

Blink nods to Snaek.

Wren says to Visyn, "I was just gonna ask something similar, actually. If the Apothecary skill could also be used to make 'drugs' that when consumed, grant bonuses and penalties to certain stats."

Snaek says, "We are going to add some premixed poisons to shops. This will aid those like thieves who can poison but can't make it."

Blink says, "Yeah we need drug smugglers."

Wren pouts at Snaek.

Snaek says to Wren, "Only the basic stuff."

Wren asks Snaek, "Basic being?"

Snaek says to Wren, "You'll have things money can't buy."

Wren smirks at Snaek.

Snaek says to Wren, "Whatever the first few levels of apothecary ends up being."

Snaek says, "Hives, orc-rot, mossy butter plague..."

Wren says, "Ah, okay. I only pout because this definitely opens up more RP opportunities for Assassins, and Arcanists eventually."

Seryth asks, "Will there be new materials added in game to make poisons with, or will it be with existing mats?"

Blink says, "Oh no the assassins will create more areas we can't enter."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Snaek says to Wren, "We want to encourage that. The stuff sold in shops will be low end and limited in quantity."

Wren beams at Snaek.

Wren says to Blink, "Better make peace with Wren if you want your suicide poison."

Blink says, "This opens up a lot for everyone. People not skilled in it could join the trade."

Blink says, "Especially if it's illegal."

Snaek says to Seryth, "There's some stuff IG already for this purpose, but we'll also be adding more roots, fungi and such."

Seryth nods.

Wren says to Snaek, "Oh, Visyn asked a question, not sure if it was addressed."

Seryth says, "I guess I'll need to start foraging."

Seryth chuckles.

Snaek says, "I may have missed it. I am guilty of doing that a lot."

Snaek listens to Visyn.

Snaek takes the floor from Austere.

Visyn says, "That's alright, it has been rapid fire."

Snaek gives the floor to Visyn.

Visyn says, "Will there be poisons that have some positive effects but come with some significant side effects? Basically, drugs."

Wren says, "To quote myself - I was just gonna ask something similar, actually. If the Apothecary skill could also be used to make 'drugs' that when consumed, grant bonuses and penalties to certain."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Haven't put much thought into it. I'm not sure this would be the appropriate avenue for that."

Wren says, "Certain stats, rather. Damn copy paste."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Off the top of my head, I don't think they would be made. Maybe sold or worked into another skill."

Blink says, "Or they could create certain emotes you are forced to do while consuming them. Like drinking does I think."

Blink says, "I've never drank in SI yet."

Wren says to Blink, "I would love if poisons came with emotes, yes."

Morley says, "It's for medicinal purposes, we all have glaucoma."

Snaek says, "Being drunk is a disease. Once you are poisoned you are basically diseased."

Soigne says to Morley, "Glaucoma makes text games hard."

Blink says, "Oh poisons that make people wet themselves."

Wren asks Snaek, "So there will be emotes, then?"

Wren grins.

Snaek nods to Wren.

Wren beams.

Kaiah sits down.

Wren leans on Kaiah.

Snaek says to Wren, "Yeah if you have hives that lowers your con, everyone is going to know."

Visyn says, "For example, boosting max HP but when the effects wear off, you end up with lower HP/ST for a length of time after. You would need to keep consuming the poison in order to stay functional."

Wren chortles at Snaek.

Visyn says, "Oops."

Blink asks, "Oh how about disfigurin poisons?"

Kaiah leans on Wren.

Wren pets Kaiah.

Kaiah stares at Wren.

Snaek says to Visyn, "It's a fair question. Not sure how I feel about seeing assassins injecting themselves for perks. The perk is weakening your target."

Kaiah says, "I don't think any smart assassin would inject. Makes them weak in the end if they can't get their fix, and if you've got marks or are wanted, you can't afford that."

Kaiah says, "At least, I'd HOPE a smart assassin wouldn't."

Visyn nods to Kaiah.

Kaiah shrugs.

Snaek says, "Ah yes, Marks."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Remind me about that."

Wren listens to Snaek.

Seryth says, "I'd imagine thats up to the individual. I'd probably shoot up if it meant winning a fight instead of losing."

Seryth shrugs.

Kaiah asks, "... You're welcome?"

Blink asks, "Marks?"

Snaek chuckles at Seryth.

Wren says to Kaiah, "I think he means the Mark ability ideas tossed around in that thread."

Snaek says to Seryth, "I wonder how many have said that before."

Blink says, "Ohhhh."

Seryth snickers.

Kaiah says to Seryth, "Then I'll just come slap you down when you're going through withdrawal."

Visyn asks Seryth, "Barry Bonds, is that you?"

Blink marks Kaiah.

Seryth flails his arms.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Definitely a negative to that one."

Snaek glances down for a moment.

Seryth says, "Crystal meth of the SI world."

Wren says, "SI needs an opium den."

Wren coughs.

Snaek says, "I think it's safe to say we're all on board with drugs in some form. I don't think apothecary is the way you'll see them introduced though."

Seryth nods.

Visyn says to Snaek, "Maybe not for the Apothecary skill then but I ..."

Visyn nods.

Blink asks, "Alchemy?"

Snaek says, "Cigars have been such a big hit, it's the natural next step."

Wren says to Snaek, "Fair enough. As controversial as they can be, drugs of some kind would only add to the world."

Wren says, "Curse those cigars."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Snaek says, "So that's poisoning in a nutshell."

Kaiah says, "Those cigars are dangerous. Gotta stick to normal pipeweed off mobs so I don't get spammed with 'YOU NEED A CIGAR NAO.'."

Blink says, "Never been addicted."

Visyn asks, "A skill to make cigars?"

Wren says, "Yeah, Wren was getting spammed with those for two days. She was not happy."

Morley says, "You can get pipeweed addicted too."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Doable, but way down the road I'm sure."

Blink says to Visyn, "Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode."

Visyn nods.

Snaek says, "We'll stop somewhere short of meth labs."

Visyn chuckles.

Kaiah says to Morley, "Hush, you."

Blink says, "Awwww."

Wren asks Snaek, "It sounds awesome so far. Not sure if there was more you wanted to say before we all start assaulting you with questions and suggestions, buuut... Any idea on when Sneak will be fixed?"

Seryth points at Wren.

Snaek says to Wren, "Well I was going to explain traps next."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Wren says, "I constantly get 'Snaek' and 'Sneak' mixed up in my head."

Wren mutters.

Blink says, "I just did that."

Snaek says, "We may roll out apothecary with as little as one ability just to get it into the game so you can begin using it and sending feedback, but adding the additional poisons will be easy from there."

Blink says, "I thought you were asking if he'd be fixed."

Snaek sneers.

Wren laughs at Blink.

Soigne pokes Snaek.

Snaek draws a Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver from a worn leather gun holster.

Blink turns sideways.

Wren laughs.

Snaek snaps his fingers.

Snaek sheathes a Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver in a worn leather gun holster.

Snaek says, "Currently I dont expect any mages to have the ability to detect poison."

Seryth beams.

Snaek says, "You could make a case for earthmages, but really it's the priests that would be more familiar."

Blink says, "Might make sense for earth."

Wren says, "Good, since they can already detect US now."

Wren glares at Blink.

Seryth says to Blink, "Suck on that, mages."

Blink says, "Hey I don't like earth mages."

Blink says, "Just being realistic or something."

Seryth leans on Blink.

Anselm says, "It's almost like six months of undetectable hide wasn't enough."

Blink says, "Air mages should block gases."

Snaek says to Wren, "Obviously sneaking would help avoid the detection. We know it's painful."

Snaek says, "You had the advantage of being able to hide and never be found, Now mages have the advantage. It'll shift again."

Wren says to Anselm, "Looking at the long-term repercussions."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Currents of air begin to gather around Blink, building a zephyr around the area as Blink's eyes turn a milky white.

Anselm says, "Mmm."

Kaiah asks, "Is sneak going to be our counter to these detection spells? What about our level of hiding?"

Blink says, "Yeah I love the white eyes."

Anselm holds a two-wheeled mobile Segway.

The soft zephyr fades as Blink's eyes return to normal.

Seryth says, "I assumed everyone was going to be able to detect hidden people at some point."

Seryth shrugs.

Wren points at Kaiah.

Wren asks, "That's just it. Does this spell even consider Hide levels or is it an auto-success when cast?"

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Technically that is already built in to an extent. The detection spells can be avoided if your detection score, a hidden stat, is higher than the boost they get from the spell."

Kaiah nods.

Blink says, "Aha."

Snaek says, "There's two hidden stats, I can't remember their names right now. One for detecting, one for avoiding detection."

Blink says, "You can run before they can attack you as well."

Snaek says, "Hiding improves the obvious one as you level it."

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien arrives from the south.

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Seryth says, "Cool. I didn't know that."

Snaek says, "There's more adjustments to be made there though to get it right so that you do have that chance."

Seryth says, "That's a reason to keep leveling hide."

Blink says, "And monocles improve detection."

Wren says to Snaek, "Is sneak on its way to getting fixed, then? I know its seemingly been an issue since before I started playing."

Snaek mutters.

Blink chuckles.

Kaiah grins.

Anselm says, "He was muttering because he disconnected."

Morley says to Blink, "Can see my level 34 hide."

Blink says, "I did yes."

Wren gapes at Morley.

Blink says, "It's the monocle."

Blink pets an arcsilver-trimmed black glass monocle.

Anselm says, "Detect hidden is a relatively high-level spell which is much more time consuming than hide."

Blink says, "It is quite high level yes."

Blink says, "Or mid level, depending on how you look at it."

Seryth frowns.

Snaek says to Wren, "It's on its way, yes. We added a new flag for if someone is sneaking. That should cure it, but there's some trickiness with leave/arriving bypassing it and showing your reveal message."

Snaek says to Wren, "It's all there. Only a matter of time before it is solved."

Blink says, "Great. Even I want that."

Wren says to Snaek, "Is it intended to continue revealing you while hidden, or are there plans for you to be able to sneak through rooms without revealing yourself while hidden? Sorry if thats already been said, just clarifying."

Snaek says, "No it isn't intended."

Morley says to Blink, "Mid level level 1 spells rule."

Snaek says, "That is the bug that is holding us back from giving you a proper form of stealth."

Kaiah says, "Spells still start off at level one, though, unless that's changed, so I hope there's some hard practice put into it before it detects people with a higher level of hide."

Wren says to Snaek, "Ahhh, okay! I thought it was supposed to reveal you, but to hear otherwise makes me very very happy."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Anselm says to Morley, "Good thing it unlocks from a relatively high-level spell."

Snaek says, "Sometimes when we can't solve something, we dumb it down to a simple version and hope for the best until a solution presents itself."

Snaek says, "You're all fairly responsible, which allows us to give you some skills before they are 100% complete."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "So then there's traps."

Seryth listens.

Blink says, "It's a trap."

Snaek says, "It's a full system as well with multiple parts."

Wren asks Snaek, "Talking with another Assassin, the idea came about for unlocking an ability at high Hide levels to rehide during combat. Thoughts?"

Snaek says to Blink, "Glad we got that out of the way."

Blink nods to Snaek.

Wren clamps a hand over her mouth.

Snaek says to Wren, "Not sure it is needed. you can run away so easily."

Wren chuckles.

Seryth says to Snaek, "True."

Snaek says to Wren, "Maybe in some form though. We'll see."

Wren says to Snaek, "It was just an idea. Would be cool if Hide unlocked something eventually."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Kaiah says, "Anyone can run away easy."

Kaiah chuckles.

Wren says, "Yes, sadly."

Snaek says, "Something like that cloud of smoke ninjas throw down."

Seryth beams.

Moxan whistles.

Wren exclaims to Snaek, "Exactly!"

Blink chuckles.

Moxan says, "Now that sounds cool."

Wren says, "Smokebomb."

Wren beams.

Seryth says, "I support that a million percent."

Blink says, "That'd be a good air mage spell actually. Like a mist cloud."

Moxan says, "All for spicing up combat pve and pvp."

Snaek says, "It's doable."

Wren says, "Even if we can just run away, it would be awesome to have just for the sake of having it."

Seryth exclaims to Blink, "Stay away from our skills!"

Seryth hisses at Blink.

Snaek says, "We'll just have to find the right way to go about it."

Blink summons a cloud of mist.

Blink fails his attempt to hide.

Seryth sobs.

Blink says, "Damn."

Snaek says, "This would no doubt help with your issues of backstabbing being perceived as painful."

Seryth asks Snaek, "So what classes will have traps available to them?"

Snaek says to Seryth, "Great question."

Snaek says, "There's actually going to be two forms of traps. Assassins will have the best and most available options."

Seryth says, "Awesome."

Snaek says, "Thieves and scouts will have a simplified version."

Snaek says, "Thieves and scouts can also detect traps."

Snaek says, "And thieves can avoid traps."

Kaiah says, "It would help take the sting out of backstab and shadowstrike. Currently, as complimentary skills, they take more effort to level than any primary skill."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Sorry, slow typing tonight."

Kaiah fidgets.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Well they aren't primary skills."

Wren pats Kaiah.

Kaiah says, "I understand that."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "But I understand your pain."

Kaiah nods.

Snaek says, "They have nice bonuses right out the gate (though damage still needs tweaking) so that you dont have to concern yourself with trying to level it all the time."

Anselm says, "Complementary skills call upon the skills which unlock them for melee."

Snaek says, "You can set a trap on an exit, a room, or a container."

Snaek says, "What they can do varies much like poisons."

Blink asks, "Nice. What about a locked exit like someone's house?"

Snaek says, "And we'll approach them the same way."

Snaek says to Blink, "I'm not sure if the current system would trigger on an attempted lockpick, but definitely when opening it."

Blink says, "Yeah I was thinking about someone leaving their locked home."

Blink says, "They Morley gives the Spy vs. Spy V hand gesture."

Snaek says, "Until these kinds of things are ironed out, breaking into a player house is going to require creative RP rather than skill."

Wren says to Snaek, "Good. I don't want anybody in my house."

Kaiah says, "And a will and casket ordered beforehand."

Kaiah chuckles.

Blink says, "I meant setting a trap on their door outside."

Seryth says, "That sounds great. Will both traps and poisons see significant improvement when leveling them? For instance, I don't see much of a reason to work on my masking skill, since as far as I know, it doesn't really do a whole lot."

Snaek says, "It's a thin line. As a former thief, it was one of the highlights of the job for me."

Wren says to Seryth, "Masking was something I intended to bring up tonight, actually."

Snaek says, "But then disguising and knocking on someone's door is more effective than picking the lock anyway."

Seryth says, "My issue is simply not having enough relevant stuff to do."

Wren nods to Seryth.

Wren says to Seryth, "Besides CC."

Wren groans.

Seryth nods.

Snaek nods to Seryth.

Seryth says, "I'd stab Wren in the face right now for a new skill to train."

Snaek says, "We do want to add at least one more feature to masking."

Kaiah says, "Please say gender."

Snaek says, "It's either going to be height and weight, or gender."

Wren says, "Gender is what I was gonna ask for."

Snaek says, "I am in favor of gender as well, but there's arguments to be made for both."

Morley says, "Bad ones."

Snaek says, "But yes, there will be one more thing added."

Snaek says to Morley, "No such thing."

Snaek says, "Height and weight is going in for disguise too."

Blink says, "We can finally have pretty Morley."

Snaek says, "These skills are not magic though."

Seryth nods.

Wren says to Snaek, "Height and weight just seems unnecessary. Assuming players don't cheat through OOC knowledge, ICly you wouldn't know someone's exact height and weight."

Snaek says, "It's just plain old disguising your features."

Snaek says, "I've been on the receiving end of height being my dead giveaway."

Snaek glances around.

Snaek says, "The curse of being 5'5."

Meder measures Snaek.

Wren says, "I don't agree that it should be."

Kaiah says, "Unless you're looking at Kaiah. She's the only human female whose height counts as Amazonian."

Kaiah mutters.

Blink says, "It's surprisingly commmon, although we have a good bunch here."

Snaek nods to Blink.

Seryth says, "Not that I'm saying Masking needs to have a hundred and one features to it, but that is really the only other class skill we have at the moment."

Blink says, "Much more than weight really."

Seryth says, "I'm perfectly ok with masking being basic."

Kaiah nods to Seryth.

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04/02/14 Thieves, Assassins & Scouts

Post by Austere » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:26 pm

Blink says, "I'd do height and gender both."

Snaek says, "Height and weight would have small limits. Just enough to help you out without going from 2 feet to 10 feet tall."

Snaek nods to Seryth.

Seryth says, "It makes me feel sort of like a classless character."

Wren says, "Yeah I don't mind it being inferior to Disguise obviously, but I would love for it to include gender, and MAYBE one other thing down the line."

Wren nods to Seryth.

Snaek says to Seryth, "Something else to gain from masking would at least give you something to aim for."

Seryth nods.

Seryth says, "I totally agree."

Blink says, "Even like a couple inches would help."

Kaiah says, "Would give me a reason to level it."

Snaek says, "And while gender seems more complex than height or weight, I think it aids an assassin the most."

Morley asks, "How is gender more complex?"

Seryth says, "Stuff is always good, but being able to specialize in poisons or traps if we wanted would be cool. As it is now, all assassins are just varying levels of CC and thats really the only difference."

Morley asks, "Ever seen Rupaul's Drag Race?"

Wren says to Morley, "Love that show."

Snaek asks Morley, "Yeah, is that fooling you?"

Snaek squints at Morley.

Snaek asks Morley, "Have you been fooled?"

Blink says, "Only at bars."

Soigne chitters.

Morley says, "No, I avoid Thailand."

Kaiah says, "I've seem some fantastic queens. I swore up and down one was female till his wig flew off."

Snaek grins.

Kaiah says, "I was so confused."

Wren says to Snaek, "I've seen some men who looked exactly like women, and vice versa. If I were tall enough, and a killer or thief, that's the first thing I would hide, my gender."

Seryth frowns.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "A lot goes into that I am sure. More so than standing on your toes or wearing thicker clothes to look fatter."

Morley says, "I called a lesbian Sir by accident once."

Wren chortles at Morley.

Kaiah says, "Oh, no, I know first hand. I'd go as a king with a few other friends and disappoint gay men all night long."

Pithus says, "I just call everyone maam, regardless of gender."

Wren says to Snaek, "Not really. If you're a girl, hide your hair, wear thick clothes, tie down the chest."

Visyn asks, "This will sound pessimistic but I only mean to have an understanding of them: Scouts are basically knowledgable of many things but the master of nothing?"

Meder says to Wren, "But that's a lot of steps, to be fair."

Kaiah says, "Got strange looks going into the women's restroom at theaters and malls, too. A couple startled shrieks."

Wren says to Snaek, "Considering everything that Thieves can disguise? Like their race? I don't think gender is very complex at all."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Correct."

Seryth ponders.

Visyn nods.

Seryth asks, "I thought that was said about Assassins?"

Blink asks, "Master of archery aren't they?"

Seryth says, "When I asked about class-specific skills last Q&A."

Requiem asks Wren, "Do you know any thief that can disguise race?"

Snaek says, "And to end the previous argument, we're looking at it purely from a mechanics standpoint. Gender is the most viable option for assassins to get closer to their target."

Morley says to Visyn, "Ok Legolas."

Visyn says to Blink, "Until archery has some advantage over other combat skills, it is irrelevant."

Blink says, "They need trick shots."

Wren says, "I hear Thieves will even be able to disguise their aura at some point. I'm of the opinion those should be hidden in general, but how does one change their aura? All this to say, Assassins hiding their gender is not the most complex thing."

Wren chuckles.

Blink says to Visyn, "Well eventually it'll help shoot fliers."

Wren says to Requiem, "It's in the works, or so I've been told."

Requiem hums.

Snaek says to Visyn, "We're getting there with archery. Scouts have the highest progression for ranged combat."

Snaek says, "Thieves can't purposely change their aura."

Blink asks, "No religion change?"

Visyn says to Snaek, "That's okay. I play a scout for the tracking."

Snaek says, "But if you disguise as a devalin, well the look will match."

Blink says, "Ohhh."

Snaek says, "If you look like a devalin, you're likely to give off that aura."

Blink says, "Yeah that would be a givaway."

Snaek says, "There's a shop to cut and style your hair also."

Wren says to Snaek, "A vukasin disguising as a devalin seems more complex in execution than a human woman disguising herself as a man. S'all I'm saying."

Blink says, "Yeah I got a good haircut."

Snaek says to Wren, "Like I said, it comes down to mechanics over realism. What's best for the balance of the game."

Visyn says to Wren, "No, it's just changing a few words in the description."

Wren says to Visyn, "I've Masked Wren and changed her entire description and still been identified IC."

Seryth nods to Wren.

Visyn says to Wren, "Probably not IC."

Seryth says, "Still happens a good deal."

Wren says to Visyn, "Identified IC because of OOC knowledge, is what I meant."

Requiem says to Wren, "You can change gender and it will still happen."

Wren says to Requiem, "Yes, but it gives us that much more leverage, of a sort."

Wren says to Requiem, "And I think it would be fun."

Wren shrugs.

Anselm says, "I would like to point out."

Requiem says to Wren, "Well just saying you cant have it all."

Requiem shrugs.

Kaiah says to Requiem, "Aren't asking for it all."

Wren says to Requiem, "Oh no, I don't want it all. Just that."

Anselm says, "That if you are changing description, look at, accent, etc. that perhaps you should be warty of a few things."

Snaek takes the floor from Visyn.

Snaek gives the floor to Anselm.

Wren tilts her head to Anselm.

Anselm says, "There are sky rooms. There are roof tops. If you drop your accents or move items that are customised to you and you have used before, there is a possibility of someone seeing you."

Anselm says, "And this is always mindful to remember before one thinks someone has used OOC knowledge to identify you."

Wren says, "Of course."

Seryth nods.

Morley exclaims, "Yeah!"

Snaek says, "Masking was not something we originally intended for assassins because we want them to be noticed and feared for who they are. However we listened to you all and agreed that changing your name is a good way to get closer to your target. It's not meant to take on a new identity that you live out for weeks. If that's your plan, thief is the way to go."

Anselm says, "Additionally, changing your name, taking off some customised armour, and making your look at description a blank line whilst everything else remains the change is probably not really fooling anyone."

Anselm says, "*Remains the same."

Seryth asks Snaek, "Sorry if I missed it, but what was the answer on leveling poisons/traps?"

Seryth says, "It kind of spun into this masking discussion."

Snaek says to Seryth, "Same as trade skills. as you go up in levels, you unlock new poisons and traps."

Wren says to Snaek, "No intentions of making it a whole new identity, just a means of performing tasks and completing marks without being identifiable at least to some degree."

Snaek says, "Their potency does not increase, but you gain stronger ones."

Seryth nods.

Seryth says to Snaek, "Thanks."

Snaek nods to Wren.

Snaek says to Wren, "Name gives you the best chance of that without being a thief."

Anselm nods its head up and down to Moxan.

Snaek says, "Plus a haircut."

Morley says, "You should always change clothes and guise while hidden, underground, in a dark room, with no mirror."

Wren says to Snaek, "Right, name helps, and all the manual stuff, it would just be nice to have one more advantage, and a reason to level masking of course."

Snaek says, "I think we have a pretty good setup for disguise honestly. I think it's better than some other games out there because we've accounted for a lot of things to give you the best chance of not being screwed over for OOC reasons."

Seryth raises his hand.

Snaek nods to Seryth.

Seryth asks Snaek, "Change of topic, but I made a post about dual wield that wasn't answered. What does the 20% reduction in attack refer to?"

Snaek says to Seryth, "I saw that. I doubt it's anything that will actually apply. Leftover from the stock code."

Seryth says, "Ahh."

Wren says, "Phew."

Seryth asks, "So there isn't a penalty from dual wielding?"

Snaek says, "Similar to Mark."

Wren asks, "Mark?"

Snaek says, "Marking a target."

Wren says, "Ah, so it does exist."

Snaek says, "We may still use it, but in early testing it was horrible."

Snaek says, "And didn't really do anything for you."

Snaek says, "It's on the back burner."

Wren tilts her head to the side.

Snaek says to Seryth, "No penalty. Just a lower chance."

Snaek says, "You're not going to ever swing your 2nd weapon as often as your first."

Kaiah says, "Makes sense, you need the second to parry."

Snaek says, "Where we've really failed you guys is on the help description for assassins."

Snaek says, "We're rewriting it to be more up to our standards, but there's some stuff in there that isn't what we intended."

Kaiah asks, "So what is the actual help description?"

Visyn says, "Assassins are specialized warriors in the art of meticulously and methodically killing their adversaries . Though greatness requires serious drive and intense practice, a mindful assassin may take on more of the facade of a warrior to fit in amongst adventuring groups and gossip circles. A proficient assassin may spend months watching a mark and contemplating the best method of eliminating that target. Whether motivated by politics or merciless revenge, a resourceful assassin can make high amounts of coin working for others."

Visyn asks Kaiah, "Is that what you were asking?"

Seryth asks Snaek, "Do you have an ETA for when dual wield will be released? I'm drooling in anticipation. It's one of the skills that is really going to make me feel like a bad-ass."

Wren says, "Heheh, fits Wren to a T. At least the part about making friends and getting into gossip circles."

Wren says to Seryth, "Same here."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "More the one they're rewritting."

Morley says to Wren, "Or making high amounts of coin."

Kaiah says, "Rewriting."

Snaek says to Seryth, "Unfortunately not. RIght now the major issue with dual wield is that it is causing you to swing every 2 seconds."

Seryth frowns.

Wren says to Morley, "But of course."

Visyn nods to Kaiah.

Seryth asks, "Is it going to be 4 seconds?"

Snaek asks Kaiah, "...We're rewriting it?"

Snaek says to Seryth, "The 2nd swing would be instant."

Seryth nods slowly.

Snaek says, "4 Second delay for both swings total. Basically a 2nd swing that round."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I believe you said 'We're rewriting it to be more up to our standards, but tehre's some stuff in there that isn't what we intended.'."

Seryth blinks.

Seryth asks, "Wait what?"

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Yep."

Seryth asks Snaek, "No additional delay?"

Kaiah says to Snaek, "So what is it? I'm curious about the actual intent with the assassin class. So we're all on the same page."

Wren says to Kaiah, "I think that was it, babe."

Soigne says to Kaiah, "It's being rewritten."

Snaek asks Kaiah, "That's why I said we're rewriting it. AM I saying this wrong?"

Kaiah says, "No, it sounded like it would be something different and more indepth, not something I'd read already."

Anselm sighs.

Snaek says, "Yes, different and more indeptyh."

Snaek coughs.

Blink says, "The intent is that only a ninja can kill another ninja."

Snaek says, "But."

Soigne says, "Kaih The one Visyn posted was not the rewrite."

Snaek says, "Not written."

Wren says, "Ohhh."

Soigne derps.

Morley says to Kaiah, "It's on the list."

Anselm pets Soigne.

Snaek says to Seryth, "There may be a delay, but right now the bug is that both your initial swing and the 2nd swing are 2 seconds, so we're trying to solve that first."

Seryth nods to Snaek.

Seryth says to Snaek, "I'm very excited for it."

Snaek says, "Outside of that, the skill is ready."

Seryth drools.

Kaiah says, "So that's my question. What's the intent? The vision? I'm really curious, and I'd like to know once we're done with all the mechanics."

Kaiah nods.

Snaek nods to Kaiah.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "I understand."

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien searches for a cat.

Soigne eats the vukasin instead.

Seryth says to Snaek, "Oh, and one last thing about DW."

Seryth coughs.

Seryth says, "Semi colons dont work."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Assassins currently are considered an accepted part of society. a necessary tool that each god uses."

Seryth asks, "Can you tell us what level it will be unlocked? or is that a secret?"

Snaek says to Seryth, "It's probably your client using the semi-colon as a way to separate commands."

Snaek says, "Dual wield? 50 at the minimum."

Snaek says, "It'll be the same level for assassins and warriors."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Back to your answer, if you've noticed in the academy, thieves have been outlawed."

Seryth nods.

Kaiah says, "I did, yes."

Seryth says to Snaek, "Thanks. Yeah, I knew about the semi colon, just forgot."

Seryth grins.

Snaek says, "This really in a nutshell defines the split between the two."

Soigne says, "And the thievery of course."

Visyn says to Seryth, "You can change that to whatever you want it to be."

Snaek says, "I know a lot of people have asked why thieves cant follow other religions."

Snaek says, "This goes back to the Shattering and them siding with Itzal."

Snaek says, "The other gods turned their backs on them."

Snaek says, "Assassins are considerable a more honorable profession, and of course more feared."

Snaek says, "I know it's hard to associate assassins with honor."

Snaek says, "But they have more of a code they live by than thieves."

Snaek says, "If nothing else, they are generally respected for this."

Seryth ponders.

Wren tilts her head to the side.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Scouts are really masters of identifying things. I know that's not glamorous, but you aren't likely to trap or poison a scout."

Snaek says, "And then they are middle of the road in using the abilities they can detect."

Soigne says to Visyn, "You're like a bloodhound."

Visyn sighs.

Snaek says, "Fletching is bonkers right now, but it will be useful."

Visyn says to Snaek, "About that..."

Visyn says to Snaek, "I really wish that you would reconsider the use of arrows in relation to damage."

Seryth nods to Visyn.

Snaek says, "Me too."

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Seryth says to Visyn, "I agree, even though I don't use them."

Visyn chuckles.

Snaek says to Visyn, "I'd like to see the type of arrow have an impact, but with the way our system is currently, everything depends on the bow."

Blink asks, "Alchemical tips?"

Snaek says, "We played around with adding a bonus to tipped arrows, but the damage was all wrong. It was displaying as a separate attack after the main one."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Yeah, it means that arrows are just aesthetic."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Sadly. We share the same dreams as you and it's on the list, but it's more complex than anything we've discussed here tonight."

Visyn nods.

Visyn says, "The feathers are pretty though."

Snaek says to Visyn, "And that's the important part."

Visyn smirks.

Snaek asks, "Who cares if you kill someone if you dont look good doing it?"

Blink says, "Men in tights, who run around looking for fights."

Snaek says to Visyn, "I will say we do have more skills planned to work off ranged combat."

Soigne says to Snaek, "Facists, that's who."

Visyn says to Snaek, "That would be great."

Snaek grins at Soigne.

Blink says, "Disabling and pinning shots would be great."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Is cover shot working properly? I know that there were issues with shadowstrike not rehiding."

Snaek says to Visyn, "It's my favorite class. I won't give up until arrows have an actual impact."

Snaek says, "Well I personally dislike shadowstrike."

Anselm says, "Shadowstrike rehides. It has an issue with being seen through by a second mob and the name being displayed, but it rehides. Probably too much."

Snaek nods to Anselm.

Visyn says, "Cover shot does not rehide at all."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Cover shot probably isn't upto snuff compared to shadowstrike."

Wren says, "Some times it doesn't rehide you, though. There are occasions when it will say I fail to hide again, but some times there's no indication it even tried."

Snaek says, "But you can expect a similar version of SS and BS for scouts."

Seryth nods to Wren.

Wren says, "Not sure if that's a display bug, or."

Kaiah says, "I'm usually lucky to get more than two rehides. I typically get one or two. I'd love to see the number of rehides tightened up, though, it ranges from none to more than ten."

Visyn says, "Okay, I'm very low level in cover shot but it would be nice to see it work every once in a while, even if I see a failed to hide message."

Snaek nods to Kaiah.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "We have a plan for that."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Which will carry over to cover shot."

Visyn says, "Quite honestly, I would rather see a longshot over a cover shot. Something like LS BLINK EAST. You fire an arrow then move in that direction."

Snaek says, "Pilfering has some code to it that adds up your attempts and increases your chance of failure if you continue to target the same person."

Kaiah beams at Snaek.

Snaek says, "I think that can be applied to SS too."

Snaek says, "In a slightly different way of course."

Blink dodges the arrow and flies away.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Yeah me too."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Would love that."

Snaek says, "I guess since we're on the subject, we do still plan to add range to rooms."

Visyn says, "Ah, nice."

Blink says, "Great."

Snaek says, "I dont know if elevation will ever make it, but we've been working on a foundation for range for over a year."

Blink says, "It would be awsome if one day spells had ranges. So that you have to powerful to do high damage at longer ranges."

Snaek says, "Problem currently is when you cast a spell that requires some distance between you and your target, it moves you back automatically."

Snaek says, "Not wild about that."

Blink nods.

Visyn says to Blink, "Mage discussion isn't until 4/?? Please wait until then."

Snaek says, "We're getting there though. That's one of those projects that stretches across a lot of files."

Blink says, "Might take a while then. But seems a fun thing to have."

Blink nods to Visyn.

Snaek chuckles at Visyn.

Snaek says, "Yeah definitely we want it."

Visyn says to Blink, "I'm kidding."

Anselm gives a soft mauve floor-length challis under dress to Soigne.

Blink says, "Sorry. No one hit me with the silence poison."

Anselm sighs.

Anselm takes a soft mauve floor-length challis under dress from Soigne.

Snaek says, "Haw haw."

Anselm gives the floor to Soigne.

Soigne glances at Anselm.

Anselm shrugs at Soigne.

Soigne holds the floor.

Soigne removes the floor.

Soigne gives the floor to Anselm.

Snaek asks, "What kinds of things do you all feel is missing from shops to complete your classes?"

Wren ponders.

Kaiah tilts her head to the side.

Seryth says, "Weapon variety."

Kaiah nods to Seryth.

Soigne asks, "Such as?"

Seryth says, "I've been using steel dirks for months and months and months."

Kaiah says, "Though that's really for anyone."

Seryth nods to Kaiah.

Soigne takes a full-skirted floor-length thin tartan under dress from Anselm.

Soigne takes a deep burgundy floor-length a-line silk skirt from Anselm.

Soigne stares at Anselm.

Soigne takes the floor from Anselm.

Soigne asks, "What kinds?"

Moxan says, "I'm much in favor of class specific items."

Seryth says, "All kinds, really. Personally I'd love more swords and daggers, but I'm sur e."

Seryth coughs.

Seryth asks, "Is steel the highest quality that is ever going to be sold in shops?"

Soigne says, "Probably, for now."

Seryth says, "I've been brutally unfortunate with blacksteel peddle stuff."

Kaiah says, "I'm still itching for fist weapons, and still waiting on those cestuses. Cesti. Cestus. Whatever."

Anselm nods to Soigne.

Kaiah says to Seryth, "We'll for a club."

Kaiah says, "Form."

Wren says to Kaiah, "Cesti, plural."

Seryth holds Kaiah.

Kaiah says to Wren, "Thanks."

Wren nods to Kaiah.

Seryth says to Kaiah, "Every friday night we'll get together and cry."

Soigne asks Kaiah, "Fist weapons? Like your hands?"

Blink says, "Like a gladiator glove."

Seryth says, "Throwing weapons too."

Kaiah says to Soigne, "Cestus. Strike gloves. Claws, etc. etc."

Kaiah points at Seryth.

Seryth says, "I'd love some cool throwing knives/stars/etc."

Anselm says, "You'll not see above steel in shops for quite some time. At some point, as we open new materials, I'm sure we'll see crudesteel and blacksteel."

Anselm says, "Throwing weapons are not currently viable."

Seryth nods.

Visyn asks, "Rather than more weapons in game, what about renaming a weapon at ooc games?"

Kaiah says, "I had hoped to get a couple maces renamed to cestus, since both are bludgeoning weapons and would be in the held and wield slots. Sadly, that was turned down."

Kaiah shrugs.

Anselm says to Visyn, "There was the OOC renaming event for this."

Anselm gets a steel surujin from an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Anselm wields a steel surujin.

Anselm throws a steel surujin at Seryth.
The attack is a critical shot.

Anselm gets a steel surujin.

Anselm pets Seryth.

Kaiah says, "So I'm hoping to see an actual weapons ordering event sometime, especially for those like poor Seryth over here who just never has a good day at peddles."

Seryth says, "978. Not bad."

Seryth points at Kaiah.

Seryth says to Kaiah, "You. You're the best."

Anselm says, "Weapon ordering will not happen for some time either."

Seryth sighs.

Soigne says, "It's a small community. I don't think we intend to have everyone with highest quality weapons. There has to be some disparity in gear."

Anselm puts a steel surujin in an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Visyn says to Anselm, "I know. It was really nice. I'd like to see more of them just so everyone is not walking around with the same dirks as Seryth mentioned."

Kaiah says to Seryth, "I tried, buddy. Sorry."

Seryth says, "Steel dirks forever."

Anselm nods to Soigne.

Kaiah says to Seryth, "It's ok. I'm using steel weapons too."

Kaiah says to Seryth, "We'll be giggle worthy together."

Soigne says, "As new areas open, they will have new shops with differently named, styled, and themed items."

Anselm nods to Soigne.

Seryth says, "I'm not saying Blacksteel should be in shops, but if weapon peddles will be so rare, it'd be nice to have variety."

Anselm says, "We don't disagree with you on the variety."

Seryth smiles.

Soigne says to Seryth, "Yes. And there will be. The game has only been open for 6 months which is not a lot of time at all."

Snaek says, "I believe there's two shops in the works now that'll have some more weapons."

Seryth exclaims, "Awesome!"

Moxan gasps.

Snaek says, "All dirks though."

Seryth snickers.

Snaek comforts Seryth.

Visyn chuckles.

Seryth drops to his knees.

Blink snickers.

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Are they at least fancy?"

Wren pats Seryth.

Seryth says, "I am a defeated man."

Moxan taps dirk.

Blink says, "Hey I like my steel dirk."

Seryth says to Blink, "That's cause you can also shoot lightning from your nipples. I ONLY have my dirks."

Seryth grins at Blink.

Blink says, "It's how you use it."

Wren chortles at Seryth.

Blink glances down at his chest.

Wren says to Seryth, "I really don't appreciate the mental image that came with that."

Blink summons a thunderous bolt of lightning that strikes the ground beneath him.

Seryth snickers.

Blink says, "Electronipples, starring Blink Walkabout."

Seryth says, "And I also completely agree that good quality items shouldn't be common. I've posted about that several times on the message boards."

Snaek nods to Seryth.

Snaek says, "We'd love to do a custom order armor and weapons peddle every month, but then they become worthless."

Seryth says, "Probably 75% of this is just me wallowing."

Seryth snickers.

Kaiah says, "Then what about renames? It gives players the opportunity to customize their character some."

Snaek says to Seryth, "Totally understand."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "We'll keep doing those."

Seryth smiles.

Snaek says, "I think they'll always be OOC though."

Seryth nods.

Wren says, "So, I know I'm probably beating a dead horse, and I'm sure you're all as tired of hearing about it as I am of thinking and saying it, but is there any possibility of parry or dual parry working against something other than weapons some day? Like ranged maybe? It is technically a weapon, too, but."

Seryth laughs.

Seryth asks Wren, "Our 3 assassin team has difficulty hunting anything, doesn't it?"

Seryth snickers.

Wren says to Seryth, "Ugh, yes."

Snaek says, "We are working on more hunting areas with weapons."

Wren says, "I really don't like that we're limited in hunting. I want to go kill vampires."

Anselm says, "No, this is unlikely. Range currently bypasses dodge, as well."

Anselm says, "And will continue to do so."

Kaiah says to Seryth, "We sneeze and statues fall over, but oh my god vampires turn us into lunch. Or dinner, depending on when we go."

Seryth nods to Kaiah.

Blink tosses a bone to Visyn.

Anselm says, "Yes, because statues use weapons and are a lower area."

Seryth says to Anselm, "Yeah."

Anselm says, "Outside of the archer."

Visyn says to Wren, "Us scouts are going to kill all you assassins for being so much better at everything than we are."

Wren snorts at Visyn.

Snaek says, "We're getting ready to add defensive skills to mobs too. So get your complaints ready for that."

Kaiah laughs at Visyn.

Wren says to Visyn, "You and your tracking ability can take a hike."

Anselm nods to Snaek.

Soigne says to Visyn, "You've found your niche! Killing Assassins."

Seryth cackles at Snaek.

Requiem smirks.

Blink chuckles.

Soigne says to Visyn, "You are the assassin assassin."

Visyn asks, "Nice. Is there a title available?"

Soigne says to Visyn, "We can make one."

Blink asks, "Ass?"

Soigne pets Visyn.

Seryth says, "Ass-slayer Visyn."

Blink chuckles.

Anselm says, "As Snaek said, we want to introduce more higher-level hunting grounds which use weapons. One day ones which use magic as well. But there's no plans or desire to make parry/dual parry block anything but other melee weapons."

Seryth says to Anselm, "As long as there are options, that's all I need."

Wren says, "It would just be nice, is all, to be slightly less vulnerable. I don't often bother gathering bone anymore because even now that I'm at a higher CC level, those wolves still beat the shit out of me."

Seryth says to Anselm, "Its frustrating being able to only do statues when you have a group of 4."

Seryth nods.

Snaek asks, "The wolves are cool though, right?"

Anselm says to Seryth, "A healer, one at a time, healing potions."

Seryth says to Anselm, "One of the four was a priest."

Wren nods.

Wren says, "Yep."

Anselm says to Seryth, "Then one at a time."

Seryth says to Anselm, "You're welcome to tag along as we try it and see for yourself."

Anselm says to Seryth, "I've watched."

Anselm smiles at Seryth.

Snaek says to Wren, "Gir is working on a way to add additional bone drops to larger beasts."

Blink says, "Oh great."

Snaek says to Morley, "Don't respond to that."

Wren says to Snaek, "Oh yes, that I remember from our last meeting. I'm incredibly grateful for that, trust me."

Wren says to Blink, "Why are you happy? It means the price per pound will drop."

Seryth asks, "Maybe Ogres could be a weapon-wielding equivalent to vampires?"

Blink says, "Yeah but I can get more faster."

Seryth ponders.

Visyn says, "Economics 101."

Wren says to Blink, "So can I. There goes your primary buyer."

Wren smirks at Blink.

Seryth says, "That's the only input I've got on that."

Seryth snickers.

Snaek says to Seryth, "That's actually an area we are building now in the crowns."

Seryth beams.

Snaek says, "Ogres and mountain trolls."

Seryth says, "That's awesome."

Soigne says, "Oh my."

Blink says, "Maybe I want to bone carve."

Blink says, "No not really."

Kaiah says, "Speaking of complaints. I do find it frustrating to think feedback is being called 'compaining,' even in jest. It doesn't exactly encourage additional feedback."

Anselm says to Wren, "Yes, it would be nice to be slightly more vulnerable. Yet a change to parry to make assassins less vulnerable in this regard affects other melee classes. Your vulnerability is decreased with the introduction of poisons and traps."

Snaek says, "Far as economics go, if anyone has a degree in this field, you're hired."

Seryth nods to Kaiah.

Seryth says to Kaiah, "Have to agree."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "You're not wrong."

Kaiah asks, "Why would I continue to offer suggestions, thoughts, and concerns if it's going to be laughed at and talked down about?"

Snaek says, "It is usually in jest, but we have to have some fun sometimes too."

Snaek says, "We field a lot of questions."

Snaek says, "Some days we want to pull the plug and run away."

Visyn asks Snaek, "Do you?"

Anselm says, "Yes."

Kaiah says, "Understandable, and I know that from personal experience."

Anselm says, "I have to rewrite part of the CoC to explain to people to stop certain lines of communication."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "We'll try to be more professional with these responses."

Anselm says to Snaek, "If I may."

Kaiah says, "But needling the people that want to help the game improve and grow should be the absolute last thing done."

Snaek nods to Anselm.

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Seryth says to Snaek, "Thank you."

Seryth smiles.

Snaek furrows his brow.

Snaek puts some boiled peeled shrimp in a bag of tavern food.

Anselm says, "We appreciate all feedback. Certainly, we understand your desire for perhaps less snark. In turn, I think you'd appreciate that we don't take kindly to our time being wasted in arguments filled with misinformation which is corrected yet still referenced, pointless replies in the form of memes or overreaction and/or outright lies which only end up in staff, primarily me in mechanical debates, having to take time out of my duties to get the correct information."

Anselm says, "Because when lies are put into threads and feedback, it will spread unless corrected."

Morley says, "Which lies."

Blink says, "Yeah, I find the lies annoying at times too."

Wren tilts her head to the side.

Seryth ponders.

Blink says, "Like I remember someone saying you can practice multiple spells at once, by doing dispel on them all. As an example."

Anselm says, "When people lie about the levels of their characters to try to get another class nerfed. When people lie about what they're using in their abilities, items, etc. When people lie about abilities being broken in an attempt to suggest something else is happening."

Blink says, "In reality you have to go one by one as a mage."

Kaiah says, "I think there is a difference between a lie and a lack of accurate information. If players had access to accurate, updated info, misinformation wouldn't be such an issue."

Seryth says to Blink, "I posted in that thread, but I don't think I ever said "dispel gets all of them off""

Seryth says to Blink, "But that dispel was an important part of a spell cycle."

Kaiah says, "For example, I don't know anything about mages and their mechanics. It's all greek to me."

Wren says to Blink, "I think that was meant as being able to tie in 3 spells in one trigger so you're working them all at once."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "I am talking about intentional lies in addition to misinformation."

Blink says to Seryth, "Maybe I misread. I forgot if it was you."

Seryth nods to Wren.

Kaiah says, "Unless explained, as far as I know, multiple spells can be worked at the same time."

Kaiah shrugs.

Seryth leans on Blink.

Kaiah nods to Anselm.

Seryth says, "I have never intentionally spread misinformation. If I've been wrong or uninformed in a post, it is NOT with malicious intent."

Wren says, "Same."

Blink says, "Just misread in that instance."

Anselm says, "I will gladly correct any questions to the best of my ability to clear up misinformation if they're presented as questions. However, when intentional lies happen in addition to spreading misinformation as fact when it has already been corrected, this is problematic, a waste of resources, exhausting and frustrating."

Seryth says, "I don't like to believe that the Elders would jump to "Seryth/whoever is just being a dick and intentionally misrepresenting things to gain favor""

Kaiah says, "It's hard to read tone and intent over text, and I think a lot of people forget that."

Snaek nods to Kaiah.

Snaek says, "I think sometimes we can all get caught up in a good debate over things and just run with whatever someone else has said."

Anselm says to Wren, "As to your comment about working three spells into a trigger: Anyone can work as many abilities into a trigger as they want. The delays remain the same. It is not instantaneous or simultaneous."

Blink nods to Anselm.

Wren says, "Yes, I didn't mean to make it sound like it was. It obviously isn't."

Blink says, "Yeah that was kinda my point. It was put into a discussion about how fast mages level."

Seryth says to Anselm, "No one said it was, I don't think."

Blink says, "Yet that doesn't make mages level faster."

Seryth shakes his head from side to side.

Blink says, "Yet it was interjected into a discussion about who levels faster."

Blink says, "Is all."

Seryth says, "Never once did I say mages level faster. That's an insane thing to say."

Blink says, "I'm gonna drop this. I don't want to intrude on the meeting."

Snaek smiles at Blink.

Seryth nods.

Seryth says, "Good call."

Snaek asks Blink, "You'll have your chance on 4/??"

Seryth snickers.

Blink elecrocutes Seryth with a wave of his hand.

Seryth spasms.

Blink grins.

Snaek says, "Improvements to melee and casters are always being made. The balance of power is always shifting."

Seryth nods.

Snaek says, "The ooc games and IC fights are a big help to us."

Pithus says, "Balance is overated."

Seryth says, "I just don't want the assumption made that all I and my fellow assassins want is to be "top dog""

Seryth says, "Because all I want is balance and for the game to have everything implemented."

Wren nods to Seryth.

Snaek says, "As do we."

Seryth nods.

Kaiah says, "Honestly, I'd just like a chance. I'm ok with being middle ground, I prefer the challenge."

Blink says, "Eeeeeverybod wants to rule the world."

Blink says, "Everybody that is."

Kaiah says, "It's why I stuck to warrior in WoW, and had a little personal party every time I killed a death knight or a frost mage."

Snaek says, "Some good suggestions were brought up tonight that will help all you sneaky buggers."

Seryth beams.

Seryth says, "I can't wait. I still check the updates every day."

Seryth says, "Just hoping.."

Snaek grins at Seryth.

Visyn asks, "Is it too late to throw in some tracking discussion?"

Snaek says to Visyn, "That's why we are here."

Snaek listens to Visyn.

Snaek asks Visyn, "Did you happen to notice any difference after the last tweak to tracking?"

Visyn says to Snaek, "Yes. Better but still the same result."

Wren tilts her head to Visyn.

Visyn searches for tracks, but can't find anything useful.

Visyn says to Snaek, "I think tracking should have a skill check with each movement."

Snaek says, "I dont know if our current system will allow for you to track with no target in mind and see all the tracks that have passed by. I did add it to the list though when you suggested it."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Even if the current system is kept in place and that is an unlockable skill down the road."

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Kaiah says, "I do have a question about hiding and searches/reveals, when Visyn is done."

Kaiah says, "Cause I don't know if it's been addressed, since my kindle doesn't scroll up that far."

Visyn says to Snaek, "As for the recent change, I would suggest changing it to "You search for tracks, but can't find anything useful.""

Snaek asks Visyn, "I can do that, but I meant are you still seeing tracks leading up?"

Visyn says to Snaek, "Oh! That is great. Thank you."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Sorry. So great that I forgot about it altogether."

Visyn grins.

Snaek says, "Cool."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Keep sending in those suggestions. I do see them."

Visyn nods.

Visyn asks Snaek, "So the skill check with each room?"

Visyn says to Snaek, "As you level, maybe it doesn't check the skill as often."

Snaek says, "Like I've said before, I usually look for repetition. If I see the same bug report a few times, I am more likely to notice it and combine all the feedback into one task to work on."

Visyn says to Snaek, "..."

Wren blinks.

Visyn says to Snaek, "Right now, there seems to be no difference in level 1 tracking vs. level 100 tracking other than maybe how quickly you can find the initial tracks."

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Snaek says to Visyn, "The criteria for searching for someone needs to be expanded. We just haven't figured out the best way yet. It may very well tie into the same deal I was talking about for hide vs detection."

Visyn says to Snaek, "It basically has a 100% success rate with enough patience. I've mentioned this before but I only repeat it by presenting the previous solution."

Blink says, "Hmmmm just a random idea. How about tracking revealing disguises in an indirect way? Since they can't disguise."

Wren raises an eyebrow at Blink.

Blink says, "Like race anyway."

Blink says, "Maybe dramatic changes. I don't know, just a random idea."

Blink says, "Scouts are kinda meant to be the bounty hunter class."

Snaek says, "Scouts can be a lot of things really."

Snaek says, "I've always wanted to play one that lives off the land."

Visyn says, "Then, the last thing I will mention about tracking is that it is supposed to be their niche so please don't give assassins any form of it."

Requiem chuckles.

Snaek says to Visyn, "No plans to."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Shadowing would be a form."

Soigne says to Visyn, "Done. Assassins can't kill assassins. Only Visyn, Slayer of Assassins."

Seryth flails his arms.

Blink says, "Uhoh, you just put a target on your back, pal."

Wren stares at Visyn.

Visyn grins at Soigne.

Soigne winks at Visyn.

Kaiah says to Visyn, "How? It's following someone directly, not tracking them across the map."

Wren points at Kaiah.

Snaek says to Visyn, "It fits with their expertise of identifying things. Tracks, poisons, traps, etc."

Kaiah says, "Shadowing would require the target being located first, which clearly, we can't do."

Blink says, "Let assassins sink their fangs in people, like vampires."

Wren says, "We're a people-killing class, we need SOMETHING."

Anselm asks, "Isn't that what movement keys are for?"

Visyn exclaims to Kaiah, "I want to dual wield bows!"

Blink laughs.

Kaiah says, "Sure, I could run through all the rooms in the game world and hope to get lucky, but that's boring and cheap."

Wren says to Anselm, "People can get away very quickly and easily in this game. I think the idea is to follow them while remaining hidden, or something."

Kaiah exclaims to Visyn, "Grow two more arms and you can!"

Snaek says, "We're talking about tracking for scouts currently."

Wren says, "I'm just assuming."

Anselm tilts its head to the side.

Blink says, "Oh no, not four armed races with double attacks. Been there done that."

Anselm says to Snaek, "I would like to address Wren's comment after we're done with Visyn and tracking, please."

Snaek says to Anselm, "Kaiah had a question in the queue too."

Anselm says to Snaek, "Then after hers."
Wren nods to Snaek.

Anselm nods.

Snaek nods.

Visyn says, "I appreciate it. I will keep sending in ideas. Even the bad ones."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Tracking will remain scout only. It's not something you have to do outside a city either. Lots of scouts would work for cities or enlist in some form of militia."

Anselm encourages Visyn to join the city guard.

Visyn laughs at Anselm.

Blink says, "Don't do it."

Snaek says, "Or bounty hunters as Blink mentioned."

Snaek says to Visyn, "The feedback is greatly appreciated."

Snaek listens to Kaiah.

Snaek says, "We'll hear Kaiah, let Anselm respond to Wren, then tie a bow on this evening."

Snaek says, "And hopefully end with some really encouraging closing line."

Kaiah asks, "Alright, sorry if this was brought up earlier with sneak and all (can't scroll up that far), but if mages have a way to find hidden people, do other classes get it?"

Soigne says to Snaek, "Better prepare that now."

Blink asks, "Can I ask a quick non related question at the end?"

Snaek says to Kaiah, "A basic search command is being worked on."

Kaiah says, "After kicking ideas around with a couple other assassin players, I thought hiding COULD unlock something at a higher level, basically a skill to detect hidden people. A master of hiding and stealth should find any joker hiding in the bushes or behind the drapes."

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Wren laughs at Kaiah.

Snaek says, "I dont disagree."

Blink says, "Unless he weights 98 pounds."

Kaiah says, "I could never find my old NCOIC, but holy hell I couldn't hide from the man even if I buried myself in a ditch."

You notice a pair of shoes sticking out from beneath some drapes.

Kaiah grumbles.

Blink chuckles.

Wren laughs.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "It makes sense for sneaky folk to know where to look for other sneaky folk."

Wren nods to Snaek.

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Could be a good thief only skill."

Snaek says to Anselm, "I'm a day too late for that one."

Seryth groans.

Seryth snickers.

Wren smirks at Snaek.

Moxan departs from the world.

Kaiah says, "Those jokes are bad and you should all feel bad."

Kaiah snorts.

Anselm says to Snaek, "Would probably make more sense for it to be thief only."

Visyn says, "I had an idea for this...I hated how in other games a successful search was an instant awareness. I would like it more if it were more passive. You keep an eye on the shadows and would notice movement over time."

Kaiah points at Visyn.

Seryth says to Visyn, "That's a cool idea."

Snaek says, "I think worst case, you are likely to see a search skill that works off the hidden detection stat."

Morley says, "Would make sense if the spell was diviner only too."

Wren says to Morley, "Yes. That does seem fitting for the class type."

Snaek says to Morley, "Good idea."

Visyn says, "Even if thieves had the auto find thing as class only ability. Everyone else gets some sort of search but not the instant reveal."

Wren says, "Instead of all mages having it."

Blink says, "I don't mind. I'm more into stuff that moves me around."

Anselm raises an eyebrow.

Wren exclaims to Blink, "You just want to fly!"

Blink nods to Wren.

Blink sprinkles fairy dust on himself.

Snaek says to Blink, "Real soon."

Wren says to Blink, "Keep dieting."

Kaiah says, "It would make sense for thieves to have an ability like that, finding hidden things. They're the ones looking for the safe hidden in the wall, afterall."

Blink grins.

Anselm says, "It is only an instant reveal in that it shows a person hiding. There is no reveal command for revealing hidden people. It has a short time. It fails quite often, unlocked from a relatively high-level spell, and as mentioned earlier, it's quite easy to escape."

Snaek nods to Kaiah.

Kaiah says, "Everyone else is probably more concerned about the SOMEONES hiding."

Morley says, "It also immediately disables backstab and shadowstrike."

Pithus says, "I disagree."

Snaek listens to Pithus.

Wren frowns at Morley.

Pithus says, "If anyone practices hiding that much, regardless of class, they are going to know what to look for."

Snaek says, "That's why I think it'll end up tying into the detection stat."

Pithus says, "Being a class doesnt give you an advantage of hiding vs someone else."

Pithus says, "Should be a level of hiding."

Anselm says to Morley, "No, it does not."

Kaiah says to Pithus, "And I agree. I think a high level of hiding should open up a skill to detect hidden people."

Wren says to Pithus, "I kind of agree, but then stealth-based classes are ideally 'better'."

Anselm says to Morley, "This issue is related to groups."

Pithus asks Wren, "Why?"

Morley says to Anselm, "Wasn't grouped at the time."

Kaiah says, "But thieves and assassins specialize in stealth, as would scouts."

Wren says to Pithus, "Because the entirety of their method of operation revolves around being good at hiding, finding things, and getting away."

Anselm says to Morley, "You had been."

Snaek adjusts his outfit and appearance to resemble someone else.

Bane says, "Because they are born in the shadows."

Anselm sighs at Bane.

Kaiah laughs at Bane.

Wren squeals at Bane.

Wren says, "Oh man, fangirl moment."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "I don't think that scouts have stealth."

Morley says, "And I hit him twice before the spell went off."

Kaiah asks Visyn, "You can hide and use covershot, right?"

Kaiah grins at Visyn.

Pithus says to Wren, "You are able to do more while hidden, thats your advantage over others."

Wren says, "Snaek Oh hey, any chance Masking's message can be fixed? "You attempt to adjust yourself appearance" makes me grit my teeth every time."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "It makes no sense to have covershot."

Bane says to Wren, "Wasn't aware of it."

Wren says to Bane, "I sent in a bug report ages ago, but never followed up."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "That's why I suggested longshot over covershot. A scout tracks someone down for the most part."

Wren says, "Bane I have noticed other spelling errors in-game before... I need to start listing them. I'll send in any I do see."

Wren coughs.

Anselm says, "There is the TYPO command."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "It doesn't really make sense for a scout to hide out in a room and wait for someone."

Wren says, "Ohhh, I didn't know you guys had that. My bad."

Blink says, "Hurray, no more hendering from slow spells."

Soigne says to Wren, "Typo is a fantastic command for it because it catalogs the room the typo is in too, I believe."

Wren laughs at Blink.

Anselm nods to Soigne.

Pithus says to Visyn, "Sounds more assassin ish then scout."

Anselm says to Soigne, "It does."

Wren says to Soigne, "Duly noted! I'll make use of it next time I see one."

Visyn says to Pithus, "Exactly."

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04/02/14 Thieves, Assassins & Scouts

Post by Austere » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:27 pm

Kaiah asks Visyn, "A scout should do more. You're a tracker, a hunter. Recon would be a thing for you. That requires some degree of stealth, right?"

Blink says to Kaiah, "Definitely. The class title says it."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "But we don't have sneak. Someone correct me if I'm wrong."

Snaek says to Wren, "Guess I missed that one. Fixed now for next patch."

Wren beams at Snaek.

Wren says to Snaek, "Thank you."

Requiem says to Snaek, "Please please, can you make a successful pilfer not reveal you from a hidden position? thats just plain frustrating, you hide and wait for a target, then happen upon a succssful pilfer and wham! your out there for the whole world to see."

Snaek says to Visyn, "I dont know who all will get sneak."

Snaek asks Requiem, "Does it do it all the time?"

Requiem says, "Yes, everytime."

Snaek nods.

Blink says to Requiem, "It's so you have to hire lawyers."

Snaek says, "I'll take a look."

Kaiah asks Visyn, "A shame. They should get something like it. How are you supposed to scout ahead if you blunder into the enemy and get spotted?"

Visyn says, "It makes sense for scouts based on what Kaiah has mentioned but I still disagree with the covershot skill."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "I agree with you. It just doesn't work mechanically."

Requiem says to Blink, "Theres enough reason for that already."

Snaek asks Anselm, "Did you get to answer Wren's question from earlier?"

Anselm says to Snaek, "No, we were still on Kaiah."

Wren listens to Anselm.

Kaiah says, "Mine's been answered, go nuts."

Blink says to Requiem, "Yeah just kidding around."

Requiem asks, "Are there any plans to make stripping or plundering of items off of other players available to anyone?"

Aguiling arrives from the south.

Snaek points at Requiem.

Snaek nods to Anselm.

Wren says to Requiem, "I hope not. Not for valuable items, anyway."

Anselm says to Requiem, "It's implemented."

Blink says, "Poor Sparky. Kidnapped."

Requiem asks, "Humm it is?"

Anselm says to Requiem, "Yes."

Seryth blinks.

Seryth waves at Aguiling.

Requiem says, "Well then, scratch that."

Anselm says to Requiem, "It is a skill, and it is available to one class."

Morley says, "Mages."

Aguiling waves at Seryth.

Requiem chuckles.

Kaiah says, "So what's implemented to allow the victim to get their things back? I'd hate to see a repeat of what's happened to crafters, with someone flying through a room and auto-grabbing everything on the ground."

Anselm says, "No, whiners."

Wren peers at Aguiling.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Roleplay."

Visyn asks, "There's a whiner class? Or is that the skill?"

Requiem says to Kaiah, "Dont leave things on the ground."

Anselm winks at Visyn.

Requiem shrugs.

Snaek says, "It's restricted to your unequipped inventory."

Seryth says, "This is making me wish I had rolled a thief."

Seryth grins.

Anselm says, "If a person steals something from someone, they WILL roleplay an opportunity for the other person to retrieve it."

Kaiah says to Requiem, "I don't, anymore. It kind of irked me that the person ran through with no roleplay, just yoinked everything from me and two others."

Anselm says, "Or I will gladly petition to have all theft removed."

Snaek says, "And takes a bit of effort to set the stage."

Seryth says, "Of course, once I get dual wield my girlish squeals will drown everything else out."

Wren says to Seryth, "Could always class change. You don't have anything particularly valuable to lose."

Requiem asks Kaiah, "Well that is what a thief does, steal, right?"

Seryth asks Wren, "I thought class changes weren't allowed?"

Anselm says, "Each person gets one class change per account/person."

Seryth whistles.

Seryth asks, "Really? My god that is cool."

Wren says to Seryth, "You lose all your stuff, though."

Morley says to Seryth, "All the dirks you can shake a dirk at."

Anselm says, "The terms are non-negotiable."

Seryth ponders.

Seryth asks, "I lose all my levels or gear?"

Seryth asks, "Or both?"

Wren says to Seryth, "Both."

Seryth shrugs.

Anselm sighs.

Wren says, "And your money."

Seryth says, "Ok nevermind."

Snaek says to Requiem, "It's not easy to pull off and it's limited, but the option is there. We feel we have a good balance that allows players to protect themselves from being looted, but at the same time you can seize the right opportunity and come out ahead."

Blink asks, "It's while concious?"

Anselm says, "I suppose I will explain the class-change rules quickly."

Seryth snickers at Morley.

Anselm says to Blink, "No."

Snaek says to Requiem, "However you wont be able to use it against npcs as the loot does not drop until death."

Blink nods.

Seryth listens to Anselm.

Kaiah says to Requiem, "And no opportunity to get it back. There was no roleplay at all, anywhere at any time. That's not playing a thief, that's being a tool and making off with someone else's stuff while thumbing their nose at them."

Kaiah shrugs at Requiem.

Seryth says to Anselm, "Sorry if its been said before. I don't remember any of them."

Requiem asks Snaek, "So I assume this skill comes from a high level of philfering?"

Seryth fidgets.

Blink says, "That's not too bad then."

Wren says, "I'm glad theft will encourage roleplay, at least."

Anselm says to Seryth, "On second thought, perhaps another time."

Anselm says, "It is late."

Blink says, "I'd let them grab small things like gems while the person is concious though."

Seryth frowns.

Kaiah says to Wren, "You got more faith than I do."

Kaiah chuckles at Wren.

Seryth says, "Ok."

Anselm says to Seryth, "If you ever feel the need for a class change, however, please assist and we will speak with you."

Snaek says to Requiem, "I dont remember right off hand."

Snaek asks Requiem, "Can you blindside?"

Morley says to Kaiah, "I actually miss sleeping people."

Requiem nods to snaek.

Suddenly, a wooden club appears into Snaek's possession.

Wren says to Morley, "Creep."

Snaek wields a wooden club.

Wren smirks at Morley.

Kaiah grins at Morley.

Anselm says to Wren, "Now, my question for you."

Someone reveals himself from his hidden position.

Snaek says, "Oh no, I forgot I'm too small."

Blink laughs.

Wren laughs at Snaek.

Wren listens to Anselm.

Snaek says, "There's a lot of checks involved to it."

Anselm waves its hands around itself.

Snaek says, "I think we did a good job."

Anselm departs from the world.

Wren blinks.

Anselm returns.

Anselm waves its hands around a two-wheeled mobile Segway.

A two-wheeled mobile Segway shakes under the transforming power.

Anselm says to Wren, "This shadowing skill."

Anselm says to Wren, "You've proposed."

Wren says, "I didn't propose it."

Anselm says to Wren, "Someone proposed. I was occupied during this part of the discussion."

Wren nods.

Visyn says to Anselm, "I said it was brought up before. I believe at the last ooc meeting."

Anselm nods to Visyn.

Snaek says, "Shadowing might have been seen in the stock codebase."

Anselm says to Visyn, "THank you."

Anselm says, "Disgusting."

Anselm asks Wren, "How do you envision this to work?"

Suddenly, a wooden club appears into Anselm's possession.

Anselm wields a wooden club.

Snaek eyes Anselm.

Soigne glances at someone.

Someone reveals itself from its hidden position.

Anselm says, "Failure at every level."

Anselm removes a wooden club.

Seryth raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says to Requiem, "Best part is if you come across some bloke on a sleeping bag in the middle of the woods, they've done half the work for you."

Anselm nods to Requiem.

Blink says, "Oh no."

Wren says to Anselm, "I'm not sure how this specific skill was meant to be seen when mentioned, my agreement towards it comes from wanting a skill that lets an Assassin effectively pursue a target, maybe for a short amount of time. The blood trail idea proposed some time ago was very well-received by other players, so something like that would suffice."

Snaek says, "That's the risk of regenning faster."

Anselm says to Wren, "You mentioned whilst hidden."

Blink says, "I don't really lay on it. It's roleplay."

Requiem says to Snaek, "Whats the command, I've tried to steal a sleeping persons sleeping bag before with no luck."

Wren says, "We don't get tracking. That's fine. The only concern is how to properly pursue fleeing targets."

Wren nods to Anselm.

Anselm says to Requiem, "It's a skill."

Wren says to Anselm, "I did hear about a skill that lets you follow people while remaining hidden. That too would be nice, either one really."

Snaek prays to Aerthane for calmness.

Anselm asks Wren, "Do you think there should be a skill that allows you to follow people automatically, whilst hidden?"

Someone reveals himself from his hidden position.
Snaek clubs Blink over the head and knocks him unconscious!

Requiem chuckles.

Wren blinks at Snaek.

Kaiah blinks.

Blink regains consciousness.
Blink stands up.

Austere asks Blink, "Can you fly now?"

Snaek says, "Damn it."

Blink flails his arms.

Soigne snickers at Austere.

Blink hops.

Blink hops.

Snaek says, "I mistyped it."

Snaek sighs.

Someone reveals himself from his hidden position.
Snaek clubs Blink over the head and knocks him unconscious!

Blink regains consciousness.
Blink stands up.

Wren says to Anselm, "Maybe for a short time, if it's even possible to put a duration on something like that. This would be more for spying purposes, though. The blood trail idea obviously has more to do with combat and trying to put someone in the ground."

Blink says, "Huh."

Snaek says, "So close."

Snaek says to Blink, "You're the only one my size."

Austere says to Snaek, "You need a team."

Wren says, "Either way, the goal is to give Assassins some method of pursuit beyong sneak e sneak e sneak n etc."

Blink says, "No hp or stamina lost."

Aguiling says, "I'd think it would have to be a combination of both."

Someone reveals himself from his hidden position.
Snaek clubs Blink over the head and knocks him unconscious!

Aguiling says, "Follow while hiding as a part of stealth, and follow while in combat to chase."

Requiem asks, "Is the skill plunder?"

Blink regains consciousness.
Blink stands up.

Anselm says to Snaek, "You're awful at this."

Wren nods to Aguiling.

Blink says, "Thieves probaly should be able to tail people."

Snaek asks, "What I didn't get it?"

Snaek curses.

Snaek gives up.

Wren pats Snaek.

Aguiling says, "Two different skills."

Snaek says, "Anyway as you can see it's no easy task."

Requiem asks, "Well hell if Snaek cant get an item, who can?"

Aguiling says, "And a chance of fail while hidden."

Wren asks Blink, "So should the class designed to kill other people, no?"

Snaek says to Requiem, "Level one looting."

Aguiling chuckles.

Blink says, "Just seems a very thiefly thing to do the spying is all. Not sure how far it should go for killers."

Requiem asks Snaek, "You dont recall what unlocks looting?"

Aguiling says, "All classes are designed to kill other people."

Wren says to Blink, "Well for killers it'd be following the person in stealth hoping they wander someplace secluded, so you can off them without being seen."

Kaiah says to Aguiling, "Assassins are people hunters."

Requiem says, "Perhaps a combo of blindside and pilfering."

Snaek says, "Spying will be easier with stealth."

Blink says, "Yes, but if assassins have it the same as thief, they are as exactly as good at spying on people as well."

Kaiah says, "Anyone can kill someone else, but that's what an assassin is designed to do. They kill sentient things."

Snaek says to Requiem, "Either I believe."

Anselm says to Wren, "Assassins aren't really spies, but I'm curious why you think it should automatically follow a person whilst hidden. People can move fast in game, that's true, but wouldn't part of the point of spying/marking people be tracking them down yourself? Following them automatically does all the work for you with all of the benefits with no real drawbacks or consequence. As Aguiling said, all classes are in their own way designed to kill people."

Requiem asks Snaek, "So by knocking a mage out with blindside, does that drop their defensive skills?"

Blink says, "Thieves seem inferior at killing though overall. One of their big perks is disguise. That type of thing would seem another."

Morley says, "Yeah because that's like grouping or something while hidden."

Wren says to Anselm, "You would first have to find this person, hide without them noticing, and then tail them - this of course being a skill that can fail like any other. if it fails and they leave, you have to hope for another encounter all over again."

Requiem says to Snaek, "Or spells."

Aguiling says, "Following after the victim is found should be an automatic follow after that."

Snaek says to Requiem, "Good question. Not entirely sure. No one has unlocked looting yet."

Snaek says to Requiem, "When you do, you'll be hated and flamed on the forums."

Snaek says to Requiem, "Best of luck."

Blink says, "Well you could check it each room."

Requiem says to Snaek, "I'm just talking knocking them out with blindside."

Blink asks, "Looting?"

Aguiling says, "Put a higher rate of fail the longer the tail lasts."

Blink loots Morley and takes some red silk pajamas.

Anselm says to Wren, "Hiding without them noticing is actually quite easy. Wouldn't an assassin wait at a known spot for someone and stay hidden? Why should anyone be able to automatically follow, as in have the game do the movement for you through multiple rooms, whilst hidden? It is essentially an auto-follow but in a sense to get someone killed."

Wren chortles at Blink.

Visyn says, "An assassin would learn someone's habits - where they hunt, where they sleep, etc. They don't need shadowing or tracking to do this."

Requiem says to Snaek, "Will that drop their walls and such."

Aguiling says, "Without forward vision, it's hard to pull off what you're suggesting."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "Shadowing would help to follow them unseen once they've finally decided to make the kill."

Wren says to Anselm, "If there's a way to make it less automatic, I'm all for it. I don't know the limitations of skill creation in this game. While this skill would be fun, I'm actually more concerned about fleeing targets after attempted murder than cornering them in the first place, hence the mention of the blood trail idea."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "Yes, that's what sneaking - when fixed - is for."

Visyn says to Kaiah, "That would render the previous work pointless."

Snaek says to Requiem, "I'm not really sure honestly."

Aguiling says, "Wred I'd call that a chase command."

Snaek says to Requiem, "If it doesn't we'll check into adding those types of things."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "Would it? Targets can still flee, and you don't want an incomplete mark running around."

Aguiling says to Wren, "I'm for it."

Anselm says to Wren, "I am fine with the blood trail for a period of time. The fleeing will one day be less problematic when there is a true combat timer."

Kaiah points at Aguiling.

Morley leaves west.

Morley arrives from the west.

Anselm says to Wren, "So those being attacked don't run one room away and hide."

Wren nods to Anselm.

Morley says, "Too bad you can't sneak follow someone because of the delay they'll be long gone after a couple rooms even with triggers."

Visyn says, "A movement delay while in combat would also be nice."

Snaek says, "Oh, there is a blood trail."

Anselm says to Visyn, "There is one."

Anselm says, "The problem is that combat resets once you leave the room and the person you're fighting."

Snaek says, "It's hidden, so you'd need that search skill to see it."

Anselm says to Visyn, "Well, when you're slowed, at least."

Soigne pokes Snaek.

Aguiling says, "Make it a command you have to use before they flee."

Snaek fidgets.

Visyn says, "And the flee command."

Wren says to Snaek, "Is it possible to give Assassins an ability that CAUSES bleeding, and thus has the target leave a blood trail to follow if they flee? This would make it so the target has a chance to not get punctured."

Wren says, "Since it'd have a chance to fail, or miss."

Snaek says to Wren, "Well, that's called backstabbing if the damage were enough."

Wren wrinkles her nose.

Morley says, "Ha."

Visyn says to Aguiling, "The Flee command already does this but it doesn't really matter since you can move any direction you want to during combat."

Seryth asks, "Maybe have it not even do damage? "Seryth slips a pin out of his pocket and pricks Wren causing her to bleed slightly" ?"

Seryth says, "I dunno. Just throwing ideas out there."

Wren snorts at Seryth.

Seryth holds his hands up defensively.

Soigne says to Seryth, "You're not the bloodhound. That one is."

Soigne points at Visyn.

Morley follows the trail of derision.

Wren says to Soigne, "Unfortunately we can't have Visyn with us for killings."

Visyn says to Wren, "Aw."

Wren pats Visyn.

Seryth says to Soigne, "Tell her not me."

Soigne says to Seryth, "Also have you been pricked by a pin? Not much bleeding."

Blink says, "Poor Visyn. Left out again."

Wren says to Visyn, "Don't trust you that much, sorry."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "Sorry. You're a liability and a potential leak."

Kaiah pats Visyn.

Seryth exclaims to Soigne, "It was just an idea!"

Soigne giggles at Seryth.

Seryth sobs.

Aguiling says to Visyn, "If I think you're going to run, I use my chase skill. It cost me xvig and loss of something because I'm anticipating you fleeing. If you do run, then I'm right there with you, based on skill."

Soigne says to Seryth, "MOAR BETTER."

Anselm cuts Soigne's mandible.

Soigne whimpers.

Seryth holds Soigne close.

Soigne collects her mandible and curls into a spider ball.

Anselm pulls out another mandible from its spider web and attaches it to Soigne.

Soigne chitters.

An overweight spider-man says, "One year I dressed up at Austere. Best convention ever."

Blink laughs.

Blink asks Requiem, "Can you do beholder yet?"

Visyn grins at Soigne.

Pithus yawns.

Anselm says to Wren, "I don't think we'll ever see a skill which allows you to automatically follow someone whilst hidden."

Wren nods to Anselm.

Aguiling asks Anselm, "Just have to guess which fork in the road they took?"

Snaek says, "This has been a good open forum. Lots of good suggestions and I hope you're all leaving with some good answers."

Seryth nods his head up and down.

Blink asks, "Oh what about doors? Will they always reveal people?"

Wren says to Anselm, "Just having the opportunity to pursue someone beyond just spamming room directions and hoping they don't give you the slip would be nice."

Kaiah nods to Wren.

Wren says to Snaek, "Oh yes, very excited for poisons."

Morley says to Wren, "There's a script for that."

Anselm says to Aguiling, "Consider it a strategical decision. The game cannot play your class for you at all times."

Wren snorts at Morley.

Seryth says to Snaek, "I am pee-my-pants excited for dual wield/poisons/traps."

Blink says to Snaek, "Quick non related question. How is the Rum Village doing? It seems more closed than ever."

Snaek says to Wren, "It will likely be the second half of the month when that goes in."

Seryth says to Snaek, "So please implement those so I can stop ruining my pants."

Seryth wets himself.

Wren nods to Snaek.

Snaek says to Blink, "Best to find out in character."

Blink nods.

Snaek says to Blink, "If things are changing, something is likely up."

Wren says, "Yes, I'm very giddy."

Pithus asks Snaek, "How about giving bite some poison?"

Blink says, "Yeah I noticed. I wrote the newspaper guy."

Pithus winks at Snaek.

Snaek asks, "Did everyone see the new clothing?"

Wren says to Snaek, "Yes, though I had to google almost all of it."

Wren fidgets.

Blink says, "Yeah that in character parade of Onaipe's was helpful."

Aguiling asks, "Can I beg for 8:30 starts please?"

Blink says, "That's how I knew to look."

Snaek pokes Blink and points around at the OOCness of the area.

Blink has an identity crisis.

Wren says, "It's awesome to see the expansion of the clothing store. I meant there's a LOT more."

Seryth says, "I need to check it out."

Snaek says, "We all have to do our part to preserve the magic for others."

Aguiling says to Wren, "Had to do that with all the weapons."

Seryth says, "Yeah that is one request of mine."

Anselm raises an eyebrow.

Anselm says, "Excellent. Let's hear it."

Seryth says, "Items that I don't have to google the names of every time I read them because I have no idea what a Marquakkahlittal is."

Seryth snickers.

Anselm says, "Excellent."

Kaiah points at Seryth.

Anselm says, "I'm so glad you asked."

Anselm says, "First."

Anselm says, "Google is a free source of information."

Anselm says, "Embrace it."

Anselm says, "Use it."

Anselm says, "Second. England isn't the only medieval culture to have existed."

Snaek says to Seryth, "We do try and add them to our glossary as time permits. Unfortunately it isn't the highest of priorities."

Seryth asks Anselm, "Is that not a legitimate complaint? It breaks my immersion in the game."

Anselm asks Seryth, "How?"

Seryth nods to Snaek.

Kaiah says, "While I like seeing a variety of things, I don't think a shop's inventory should send all players to google."

Anselm says to Seryth, "Please tell me how introducing other cultures, items which existed in the time period, breaks your immersion of the game."

Anselm says to Seryth, "I am genuinely interested in knowing."

Kiriath arrives from the west.

Blink greets Kiriath.

Blink says to Kiriath, "Almost over I'm afraid."

Aguiling says, "When I see a Korean Bow, I think of Korea."

Seryth asks Anselm, "What is with the snark? Did I offend you or something?"

Kiriath nods.

Kaiah says, "It's like purple prose. Too much of it, and you actually cause players to get annoyed or frustrated at having to look everything up. A little is fine. Too much makes people lose interest."

Visyn says, "There is an alias for mushclient that I posted on the forums that allows you to google things from your command line."

Seryth points at Kaiah.

Wren says, "I enjoy the exotic weapons, mostly because I'm obsessed with learning about as many as I can. Clothing is equally interesting, though I understand if some players don't want to have to research every piece to know what it is."

Anselm asks Aguiling, "And why's that a problem?"

Visyn says, "I like the weapons and I use google quite often."

Morley says to Anselm, "Maybe because you're unlikely to kind 200 BCE greek clothing in the same wardrobe as 5th dynasty chinese wear."

Aguiling says, "Korea is not here."

Anselm says to Aguiling, "Neither is England or America."

Snaek says, "We can do whatever we want. That's half the fun."

Pithus says, "If you have to google something everytime you look at someone, gonna get old, and just not care."

Seryth says, "Its true. I'm not slicing off heads until you change everything. It was a suggestion. Damn."

Kaiah nods her head up and down to Pithus.

Meder says to Morley, "You're unlikely to see that in the real world. Archai can play around with those conventions."

Anselm says to Morley, "Perhaps, but this isn't Greece, China, England, America, etc."

Anselm says, "This is a medieval setting in a fantasy world which calls upon all cultures."

Soigne says, "And we're not in any of those time periods."

Anselm says, "It is not defaulted to England or white."

Snaek says to Seryth, "Players often order stuff from our merchants that we have no clue of either."

Blink says, "I want nore togas."

Kaiah says to Anselm, "No one is saying that."

Snaek says, "And we have to fumble through our RP while we go google it."

Seryth stares.

Seryth nods to Snaek.

Seryth says to Snaek, "I totally understand that."

Snaek says, "It happens."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "But no one complains about the medieval England related ones."

Seryth says to Snaek, "I was referring more to shop items."

Snaek says to Seryth, "More dirks for everyone. Noted."

Visyn says, "We should all wear blue jeans and t-shirts and carry only swords."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "So I am genuinely interested, as I said, in finding out what is being said."

Seryth snickers.

Soigne nods to Snaek.

Morley says, "Then you can always I don't know... make items unique to archai... and make a page on the website explaining what it is."

Pithus says, "If you have to google something everytime you look at someone, gonna get old, and just not care."

Wren laughs at Visyn.

Blink says to Visyn, "Blink would love that."

Kaiah says to Anselm, "That's because those are common. You can have variety without making players google an entire store's inventory."

Kiriath says, "If you don't know what something is, you can make it an rp point and ask. Then the person who owns it can come up with an rp-related reason why it exists."

Anselm says to Morley, "Yes, we can. We can also introduce cultures of the entire world."

Kaiah says, "And Pithus said it well."

Snaek nods to Kiriath.

Snaek says, "Yeah can always ask the person what the hell they are wearing."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "They're common to people in England and America, yes, but not only people in the states play this game."

Morley says to Anselm, "Ifi wanted to learn about this world I'd play civilization the mUD."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "You are defaulting those items as the standard and norm."

Anselm says to Kaiah, "Which defaults Europe medieval times as the norm, which isn't the case."

Kaiah says to Anselm, "Everyone knows what a toga is, or a kimono is."

Visyn asks Snaek, "That doesn't work. You will likely be met with the response, "you don't have eyes?""

Kiriath says to Morley, "If you don't care, then ignore it. You're not required to learn."

Seryth nods to Visyn.

Kaiah says, "It's not about not wanting to learn or be cultured or anything like that. Too much of the purple prose turns people off."

Snaek says, "We'll try and get more of these things added to the glossary to help out."

Kiriath says, "Except that if someone wants to be rude like that, let them deal with the ic consequences."

Morley says, "You can't ignore it when you have to goodle it to see what the thing looks like to see if it's a good fit for your RP."

Wren says, "I don't think the issue is incorporating other cultures, so much as maybe doing so more than necessary? As I said, I like all the exotic stuff, but I understand how people can get aggravated when they have to google everything. I spent a good 20 minutes researching a lot of the new stuff at Onaipe's."

Seryth nods to Morley.

Kaiah nods to Wren.

Kiriath says, "I think totally unknown and new items are a bonus."

Anselm says, "Mmm."

Anselm says to Kiriath, "Thank you."

Anselm says, "Cheers."

A loud scream is heard as a powerful gust of wind blows Anselm away into the sky.

Seryth stares.

Kiriath blinks.

Requiem exclaims, "Thanks for all the information and discussion, good stuff!"

Requiem leaves south.

Blink says, "Yeah, and we could use flowered shirts."

Visyn says, "Eventually, we will all be experts on unique weapons and clothing."

Wren says to Kiriath, "In some cases, I could not in fact find an example of the item listed, so I still don't know what it is. I'm just saying there is a limit, of sorts."

Pithus leaves south.

Austere says, "Let's bring this to a close."

Snaek says, "We try and introduce new and exciting stuff. I've made a lot of the same items because I'm not as creative as others with this stuff. In time we'...yeah what Visyn said."

Soigne asks Wren, "What was the item?"

Austere says, "You only have to look something up once."

Wren says to Soigne, "Oh god, I wish I could remember."

Kiriath asks, "As perhaps a compromise, things could have a small bit of extra description?"

Aguiling grins at Austere.

Kaiah says, "But is everyone going to be that patient? I've known people to get fed up and leave to find something else because they got sick of spending half their time researching."

Aguiling says to Austere, "Maybe twice."

Snaek says, "If that's the biggest complaint of the evening, I'm pretty happy overall. It's a minor inconvenience."

Wren says to Kiriath, "Store-bought items don't have descriptions, sadly."

Morley says, "I like unknown and new items... but if they're that unknown and new ... make them specific to the game and build up the world."

Kiriath says to Wren, "That was my suggestion, to add them."

Wren says to Kiriath, "Oh! Yes, I would love that."

Visyn says, "I like RP text games because they challenge my intelligence. I enjoy learning about stuff I've never heard of but that's just me."

Blink says to Morley, "That's a great idea."

Wren says to Kiriath, "But that's a lot of extra work for the devs."

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Soigne beams at Visyn.

Blink says, "Perhaps have some standard modes of Pearlian dress."

Kaiah says, "I might be ok with looking things up, but not everyone is. Folks want to play a game, not spend their time researching something."

Soigne says to Visyn, "I like you, bloodhound, we can be friends."

Soigne cuddles with Visyn.

Blink says, "It could be exotic still, but there'd be a few known things then."

Morley says, "That's why the wheel of time has a glossary in the back."

Visyn says to Soigne, "Okay, but I will have to skin you later."

Kaiah nods to Blink.

Wren says to Visyn, "No I agree, but not everyone is the same way, and some people just don't want to bother. Gotta have a happy medium."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Noted. Horse is bled dry now."

Aguiling says to Kaiah, "I'm just happy that I'm not the only one."

Soigne gasps at Visyn.

Kaiah grins at Aguiling.

Snaek says, "Thanks everyone for coming. We're coming up on 4 hours now so things can get dicey."

Chierr leaves west.

Kiriath says, "Sorry I missed most of it."

Seryth says, "Ok."

Snaek says, "No hard feelings. We do appreciate the feedback."

Aguiling chuckles.

Wren says, "I WISH I could be that good at item names. I'm still trying to find the term for a particular 'skirt'."

Wren pouts.

Aguiling asks, "Dress?"

Soigne asks Wren, "Which kind?"

Visyn asks Wren, "What is visyn paying you for?"

Blink chuckles.

Wren says to Snaek, "Thanks so much for hosting this, Snaek. It helped a lot."

Snaek says to Wren, "Imagine trying to pretend like you're an armor merchant who is suppose to know all this stuff when people place orders."

Soigne says to Aguiling, "Skirts and dresses are two different things."

Kiriath asks Wren, "I'm good with things like that. What sort?"

Snaek says, "I personally do not forge armor in my spare time, so I turn to google too."

Aguiling asks, "Is this going to get posted later?"

Visyn says to Wren, "Wren better master google. I think there is a jewelry peddle coming up."

Snaek nods to Aguiling.

Wren says to Visyn, "Oh yes, I know."

Snaek says, "It'll take a few days to clean up, but we'll post it."

Visyn says to Wren, "At least get to level 20 google."

Kiriath sighs.

Wren says to Soigne, "Hold on, I can get a link."

Morley laughs at Visyn.

Blink says, "Get google glasses. Step into the future."

Kiriath says, "That's depressing, as I am broke."

Morley asks Visyn, "How many names for rings and necklaces are there?"

Snaek removes a wooden club.

Snaek draws a green tron disc from a circular disc slot.

A digitalized lightcycle begins to form around Snaek.
Snaek boards a green wall-emitting lightcycle.

Visyn asks Morley, "Ten fingers, right?"

Aguiling waves.

Visyn asks, "One neck?"

Seryth says, "Not trying to piss anyone off. Guess it happens."

Kiriath says, "Rings are fairly basic, but there are lots of different necklaces."

Visyn says to Morley, "I am guessing 11."

Snaek says to Seryth, "4 Hours of talk is a long time. No worries."

Snaek says, "We're happy you all came out."

Austere waves with its eyestalks.

Snaek waves.

Meder waves.

Visyn exclaims, "Thanks!"

Aguiling says to Austere, "Thanks for everything I was late for."

Blink exclaims, "Thanks!"

Morley says to Seryth, "Not that hard."

Seryth says to Snaek, "Thanks for hosting."

Meder vanishes with a puff of red smoke.

Snaek rides a green wall-emitting lightcycle south.

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