Conclave on 3/11

A short winding path, shaped by leaning stacks of paper, leads to the scribe's desk. On the desk lays piles of vellum and other sheets for writing upon. A sign rests on the desk indicating the prices for service and writing supplies.
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Conclave on 3/11

Post by Blink » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:34 pm


Conclave is on 3/11 this month, I believe.

I suggest this month we open the doors for everyone, Conclave members and the public alike, at 830 in the eve. I don't believe we have anything to vote on this month. Also, we should discuss making this the normal opening time going forward, to better streamline things for everyone.

We hope to see you there,

Blink Thunderbird Walkabout

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